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Coast to Coast Map - v2.0.2

Rating: 4/5, based on 10 votes
uploaded 2017-04-18 00:55:53, by mods82

C2C v2.0.2 for ATS v1.6 is released.

This mod replaces all previous versions and patches

Fixed bugs


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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (17)

2017-04-18 02:25:23 joesmote0311 (Guest)
Here I go again, I always say I won't download this and here I am again
2017-04-18 03:46:34 BonnettInc (Guest)
Question for those with knowledge. Do I overwrite the existing or uninstall and install this ? After many hours getting garages in Western Canada , and for the second time after the update,lol , , I really don't wanna do it again.
2017-04-18 04:32:16 wiseguy (Guest)
Thank you Mantrid😀
2017-04-18 09:25:09 tunning6000
Beautifull mod.thanks,good job
2017-04-18 13:58:01 Seifer1968 (Guest)
Thanks for your awesome work! I have a little problem ... All the plates of my trucks are not read! Only with this mod.. Does anyone have a solution? Sorry for my bad English...
2017-04-18 14:45:30 Waymor (Guest)
Hello BonnettInc, the best way would be, remove the existing Version 2.2.1 and put new Version 2.0.2 in your Modfolder and start a new profile.....It is the best way to make sure, you will have a clear game. But you should deact. the mod in Modmanager befor you replace the mod and start all over. Some time it works, that you can use the old (current) profile with a new Mod Version, but mostly not with Map-Mod. So my own experience tells me, , start a new`s just a advice.... good luck....
2017-04-18 14:54:12 Waymor (Guest)
Sorry....Bonnettinc it means " remove the existing Version" 2.0.1" and put new Version 2.0.2 in your Modfolder and start a new profile..... sorry for the mistake (2.2.1) fault. Waymor
2017-04-18 19:44:27 BonnettInc (Guest)
Thank you for the replies and I really enjoy these maps !
2017-04-19 03:45:34 joe (Guest)
jobs pay went way down after install
2017-04-19 15:13:00 HornStauRide (Guest)
Why my games crash guys? What version of ATS I need to use? I'm already in the publi beta 1.6. With any mods, its crash to! So please thanks for your help!
2017-04-19 19:15:39 karamba (Guest)
mało truck stop
2017-04-20 22:24:59 daggers geoff (Guest)
hi i downloaded and extracted to my mod folder in ATS and it extracted in lots of different files which then didnt show in mod manager so i put all files into the map folder inside the ats mod folder the mod now shows in mod manager and ive activated it but its still not showing in my game can someone advise please
2017-04-22 21:52:42 RSG (Guest)
PLEASE HELP! Can you not leave Northern Calif. & go into Oregon? There's a invisible wall there! That's stupid if you can't that's the only way from there to get across! This is my first time using a C2C mod....
2017-04-23 22:56:12 RSG (Guest)
UPDATE: I found my problem with this map, It WILL NOT WORK with Project West Map mod !! I Deactivated PWM & now c2c works fine!!!!
2017-05-12 05:04:29 AndyB
Bonnettlnc where did u get the western canada map ??
2017-06-13 05:22:13 lance (Guest)
this mod doesnt work with Project West & Mexico v2.2...... please fix this..
2017-08-28 22:22:52 Angela (Guest)
If I've got the ATS Beta version, will this file work with it? I'm rather new to the game and all of the mod stuff so I am completely lost.

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