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Coast to Coast Map - v2.8.1 1.35

Rating: 3/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2019-07-08 12:05:21, by mods82

Changelog v2.8.1
Bugs fixed
This version requires WA,OR & NM DLC.

C2C v2.8.1 update for ATS v1.35.

DLC New Mexico & Oregon, WA required

Changes 2.8:
Compability with DLC Washington

Download  .scs file  then activate it in the Mod Manager


Author Mantrid

Mantrid – Lousiana completely rebuilt
ShirBlackspots – Texas improvements
Ways71 – Various scenery improvements along I-95



Coast to Coast Map - v2.8.1  1.35, 1 photoCoast to Coast Map - v2.8.1  1.35, 2 photoCoast to Coast Map - v2.8.1  1.35, 3 photoCoast to Coast Map - v2.8.1  1.35, 4 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (3)

2019-07-08 18:04:29 George (Guest)
I dont even know why they even bother to "update" this map. Of all the tons of errors and things they need to fix, they only make real tiny updates once every one or two months (when this map should be being updated almost every week) fixing almost nothing, and things keep piling up. Too bad, ATS in the end is going to be buried for good at this rate. Or at least until SCS covers all the map with dlcs.
2019-07-09 04:28:44 @George (Guest)
Have you ever stopped to think that the people that created the coast to coast map mod have their own lives? Before you start bitching about something stop and think about that 😐
2019-07-09 05:06:59 @@George (Guest)
@George and have you ever stopped to think that GOOD modders spend more time fixing and polishing than just keep adding content with no purpose at all?? did you even actually played C2C at all? did you even look at the console when you playing? did you see how many errors shows up, the same errors that appeared in earlier versions of the mod, never fixed??? did you even see all those textures floating around, and gaps in the terrain that are never fixed, version after version???? i understand you guys need to be condescendent at all costs, but for the love of god, things need to be fixed and polished, before adding more. Thats how good mods are made, thats how good modders are made. Not my fault if you are completely ignorant about this. And answering your question, ive been a modder for 10 years, so yeah i know what im talking about. One of the reasons ATS modding community is so rubbish is because precisely this. Modders just dont care about quality control. And modders who create maps in ATS, they could learn from promods for ETS2. So, instead of releasing a bigger update with many fixes and polishing, they release just another "mini" update with two fixes over hundreds, and they called it a day, probably until the next big game version change. It has been that way since i can remember. So, stop being so condescendent and show a little common sense from your part lol.

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