Coquihalla Highway Update

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5 years ago
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bossdingo32 (Guest)
5 years ago
this mod needs to be updated to 1.5 I would love to use it again please
Steve (Guest)
5 years ago
The Coquihalla Highway is in British Columbia between Hope and Merritt. IT IS NOT IN QUEBEC!!!!! Since you can' use this map with any other mod except C2C it isn' worth downloading anyway.
PET (Guest)
5 years ago
has little dalsa ikea as close
Ken (Guest)
5 years ago
I thought the coquihalla highway streched between B.C. and alberta throu the rocky mountains. And not Quecbec.
Ralloh (Guest)
5 years ago
This is getting so frustrating. When you say no other mods except C2C and this mod, do you mean no other mods of ANY kind? Every time you come up with an update, I try it out. I have this mod and then C2C, no other map mods. I do have a variety of other mods like PIVA weather, truck physics, AI headlights, various trucks and trailers, etc. What happens is I'll take a job and part way through it just freezes up so that I have to reboot my computer. The latest was just a few minutes ago heading south out of Carson City, Nevada. If you do mean no other mods of any kind, then this is not worth using. The other mods help make the game much more realistic and challenging. It's a shame because I do like the added details in this mod. Oh well, I'll just not use it anymore and maybe try again after a few more updates. Hopefully the authors of C2C, Mexuscan, and Interstate 10 will continue updating theirs. In the mean time, if someone can clarify what mods can and can' be used, it would be appreciated.
5 years ago
to mods82 great map so far your getting better and thanks for fixing the coc its good now minus a few things i was down in the new area and its bad all over from drummondville to sherbrooke to thetford bridge to sherbrook theres like an invisible wall across the hole bridge both ways and the roads are bad email me mods82 and i will send you all the details and pics of were the problems are from what i have found my email is thanks bud hope to hear from ya soon

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