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MHAPro v1.35 for ATS 1.35.x

Rating: 2/5, based on 21 votes
uploaded 2019-06-25 00:32:43, by mods82

1. new - part 2 - a detour around Las Vegas (Nevada)
2. city of Las Vegas (Nevada)
- McDonalds company
- Lowe's_whs company
- Target_whs company
- Airport companies
- ABQ Cargo center company
3. new (SCS) Tonopah in the MOD card (5 days of work)
- company avs_met_sml (Asteel)
- company pns_con_sit3 (Gypsum and Sons)
- company MHA service
- the company sc_frm_grg (Farm Garage)
- the company sc_farn (Farne)
4. all new connections to Tonopah (HB) from 4 sides
5. Fixed a problem in the company Bushnell in Redding (California)
6. New Small Town Fort Sumner (New Mexico)
- bn_farm company
- d_con_site company
- company gas_gst
- company cm_min_str
7. New company gas_gst (for the transportation of gas, fuel)
8. completed a detour around Las Vegas (Nevada)
9. new OR 140 on MOD card
10. Lakeview City
- Target_whs company
11. New Small City Adele (Oregon)
- bn_farm company
- ed_mkt company
- company cm_min_qry
- company cm_min_str
- mcs_con_sit company
12. New Little Town Denio (Nevada)
- bn_farm company
- pns_con_sit3
- gm_chs_plnt company
13. New NV 292 road with connection to Denio (NV)
14. New Road OR 205 Communication with Burns (OR) - unfinished
15. New road connection from the road OR 205 to the direction of McDermitt (Nevada)
16. New Road OR 205 from Denio (Nevada) to Burns (OR)
17. New Small Town Harfield (Oregon)
- sc_frm company
- bn_farm company
- company st_met_whs
18. New Small Town Vale (Oregon)
- mha_car_yrd company
- vm_car_dlr company
- pns_con_sit2
- sc_frm company
- bn_farm company
19. New Little Town Brogan (Oregon)
20. New Road OR 26 from Vail (Oregon) to Brogan (Oregon)
21. A new part of the road OR 26 from Brogan (Oregon) to Mount Vernon (Oregon)
22. A connected road OR 26 from Vale to Mount Vernon (OR)
23. New Roads Inside Mount Vernon (Oregon)
24. The map is saved in update 1.35.
25. More than 3 weeks working on the restructuring of all models and prefabricated structures for the new update
26. fixed bugs in 1.35
Fixed old map errors
28. Update the map without errors in the new SCS update.
29. map corrected and 100% rebuilt in new version 1.35
30. fixed small errors in different places on the map
31. replaced the place of delivery / loading on the company McDonalds
32. replaced the place of delivery / loading on the company Burger King
33. Fixed a problem with moving south from Bakersfield (California)
34. MHAPro Map Connected to Washington DLC
35. MHAPro map is connected to DLC_Forest_harvesting
36. Fixed some minor border issues with the new Washington DLC
37. Road OR58 is on the map MHAPro
38. fixed compounds according to OR58

Heavy Alex


MHAPro v1.35 for ATS 1.35.x, 1 photoMHAPro v1.35 for ATS 1.35.x, 2 photoMHAPro v1.35 for ATS 1.35.x, 3 photoMHAPro v1.35 for ATS 1.35.x, 4 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (18)

2019-06-25 04:39:50 Jolley
Thanks Heavy Alex!
2019-06-25 08:03:04 b.c. (Guest)
It's the free version tho
2019-06-25 08:58:45 HeavyAlex (Guest)
People, support version is on my site : HeavyAlex
2019-06-25 12:03:25 Vinnie (Guest)
1) Is it compatible with C2C? 2) What are the main differences between free and support version? There's nothing to read about that on the website, and I don't want to spend 15 minutes to watch a video, I just want to read within a few seconds what the main differences are, so I can decide whether the support version is interesting enough to buy/support or not, and also if the free version is interesting enough to download.
2019-06-25 16:47:26 Triedthis (Guest)
If you are the guy who makes this . I have tried contacting you to actually purchase this fine work and you are an asshole. Good work , , but an asshole. Due to that i have lost interest in making that purchase and will download it where ever i find it. Have great day.
2019-06-25 18:50:05 Dick (Guest)
Triedthis..if you struggle with the registration on his website maybe your to stupid to use this map..or any other ones!!
2019-06-25 21:00:40 HeavyAlex Screws You Out Of Money (Guest)
I'll pass. Having to pay for each and every update that this guy makes is absurd. Why even support modders who do this crap. This is JDM all over again.
2019-06-26 04:16:02 George (Guest)
What?? nobody should charge for mods hahaha, thats moronic. IF he is doing that, thanks for the advise, not even going to bother to try this lol. Stupid moron modders...
2019-06-26 08:03:09 Faalilou (Guest)
well I ask is we download all 3 part because I downloaded the first link 567 mega but it does not work please solution
2019-06-26 08:04:37 Faalilou Dreezy (Guest)
well I ask is we download all 3 part because I downloaded the first link 567 mega but it does not work please solution
2019-06-26 16:31:41 mojo (Guest)
this mod dont work with another maps mods together, like C2C,Cana or Mexico, and even as stand alone is this free version, crap. For full version will this guy or what ever u´r are, cash for any new update, so from my side just "Fuk U".
2019-06-26 18:22:45 Vinnie (Guest)
It's a shame that Heavy Alex isn't answering my questions, so I will do it for him: - The free version contains just 1 very small town, and some prefabs (with sometimes wrong located job icons). And some altered sounds (which I don't like, but that's personal). - This tiny mod however is 1.4 GB large... - It's not compatible with other map mods. So I have to choose between C2C, Viva Mexico, Mexico Extremo, Us Expansion, etc, and this mod... Really...???
2019-06-26 18:50:25 mods82
@Vinnie Since version 1.32, the free version has been greatly curtailed, Heavy Alex has deleted almost everything.
2019-06-26 19:53:26 Vinnie (Guest)
@mods82 Why would he do that? He wants people buy his mod, right? Then he should release a representative demo of his mod. But this free version cannot possible be a representative reflection of the paid version...
2019-06-27 14:22:16 Infobot 001 (Guest)
This map both the "Free" and the Support map from Havyalex BOTH work without errors with Viva mexico, and required files can be found on their respective sites, load order (from top to bottom) Mega resources C2C patch (do not actually try to connect C2C though, weird but that files makes MHA work) Mega resouces - Messimap-Mexico Extremo - Viva Mexico map - Mhapro pt1 -mhapro pt2- Mhapro pt3 and guessed it mhapro pt4. The above load order is for the support version, the mha free version is the same loads. I hope that help you all.
2019-07-27 13:25:28 JR (Guest)
This map is nothing but crap. You should just go away somewhere. DUMB ASS
2019-09-26 01:21:05 Reviewer (Guest)
This is pure garbage virtually every other map mod is better than this in free and the crappy full version.
2019-10-11 12:46:19 Buikhanh (Guest)
What is a decompression pass?

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