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Mountain Roads Part 3

Rating: 5/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2018-02-17 11:36:00, by bugg3rnuts

I figured the game needed a few more hills, so I made this map.

- New towns
- Many freight depots
- Lots of hills!

The new roads can be found up north between Hornbrook and Jackpot.

Will likely require that you have the New Mexico expansion installed since I'm using assets from it.

This is NOT a standalone map, you don't need a new profile to use it.
Disabling the map at any time should not cause issues.

Compatibility with other maps:
Unknown. You'll just have to experiment.

as of January 2018, all other maps made by me are no longer working, You can delete them.
This map contains all parts.


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uploaded by bugg3rnuts
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Comments (10)

2018-02-17 16:00:52 mods82
Great job. Thanks
2018-02-18 01:56:14 hromerito
Gracias por COMPARTIR👌👌 Saludos cordiales🖐🖐
2018-02-18 02:54:45 hromerito
No es compatible con Viva México Map (Durango)
2018-02-18 05:07:12 jaky (Guest)
are you serious, you call it a map lol. I wonder why some gives him thumbs up. May be the friends of the person who made this sh ....? (support between communities) ¿Hablas en serio, lo llamas un mapa jajaja? Me pregunto por qué algunos le dan pulgares arriba. ¿Pueden ser los amigos de la persona que hizo esta mierda? (apoyo entre comunidades)
2018-02-18 12:59:22 jaky (Guest) is a tosser (Guest)
jaky (Guest) is a tosser
2018-02-24 17:51:29 cody (Guest)
Great map. Lots of fun. Hey jaky, if this is not a map, what is it? Why don't you make a better map? It seems like jaky is another pissed off troller.
2018-08-05 07:36:05 WashingtonTruckr (Guest)
does this work with 1.31? if not when will it be updated?
2018-08-05 17:31:36 Gravy (Guest)
Yes it works with 1.31
2019-01-07 02:17:30 bob (Guest)
Does it work is 1.33
2019-04-27 07:47:06 thegamerpro0094 (Guest)

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