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Nevada Rework Project : Ely & NV-318 (beta version)

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uploaded 2019-05-03 01:14:16, by mods82

Currently for now , only a small zone is reworked : the town of Ely and a new road added , the NV-318 . This is my first map !

i was inspirated by the several current projects , like the Tonopah Rebuild Mod , the AIP mod , and more recently the PazZmod .
When you play ATS , transiting from Oregon to New Mexico , almost everytime you had to drive in the 500 miles old roads in order to reach the I-40 to go to New Mexico or the South of Oregon ... so thats why i created this project : reworking the East of Nevada ( US-93 ) in order to make more realistic , interresting travels .
After a LOT of troubles with learning how to make mods , i finally did it ( or more precisely something that can work.... ) . i know , i still have a lot to learn about map conception. but , during all the map creation i learned some tips . Thats a bit why some places looks better than the others .


Like i said before , my original plan was to remake the entire US-93 between Wells to LV. But during my recherchs , i found out that reals truckers doesn't pass by Pioche . they use the NV-318 instead , which is 50 miles shorter . So thats a bit why i created this road . The second reason is it will provide less work ( not that i'm lazy but i begin in map creation ) .
I also reworked Ely because its quite a large intersection ( US-6 , US-50 , US-93 ) and was not really like the real city .

BE AWARE THAT THIS MOD CAN CONTAIN BUGS . There is still some work to made at some places . But overall , the map is playable . I tested it several times . if you stay on the road , there shouln't be any problems . But for now there are two weird problems :
- in Hiko , there is a big bump without knowing why there is one . The AI just drive normally ,
- the Murry St in Ely is bugged . i don't recommend to drive on it , especially in this way : Ely to US-6 . You will be blocked . if you go in the other way ( coming from the south from US 6 ) , its okay .

Also for now , NV-318 doesn't have signages . It will be added in a future version , when i will figure how to add its own signs .


- Rework of Ely ( only the West side on US-50 is not done yet ) ,
- NV-318 added ,
- 2 scenery towns added ( LUND . HIKO ) ,
- Rework of some intersections

Compatibility : Should work with almost all of the mods ( i didn't tested it for now , if you see some compatibility problems feel free to tell me in the comments )

ATS Version : 1.34 - Map DLC's required : AZ + NM + OR

Rock Fort


Nevada Rework Project : Ely & NV-318 (beta version), 1 photoNevada Rework Project : Ely & NV-318 (beta version), 2 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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