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ATS Real Ai Emergency pack v1.1

Rating: 2/5, based on 3 votes
uploaded 2019-12-22 14:11:12, by mods82

changelog v1.1:
-Vehicles with beacon and siren are no longer parked except for road events!
- reduced sound distance for the Border patrol sound

-this mod adds 2 sets of emergency vehicles driving in parallel with the default SCS emergency vehicles, one has only beacon and the second beacon and personalized siren hookup sound
-the pack has no dependency, it can be used with the default traffic or any traffic density mod or with other packs, however one important rule must be respected:
place this mod above any sound pack and traffic mod you may be using, as the additional vehicles act as variants to the default emergency vehicles (due to spawn issues) so original Ai files have been edited; therefore, this mod will be also placed above my Real Ai sound pack for SCS vehicles if used.
-by default the emergency vehicles drive at normal speed, for better experience it is recommended to play together with my Real traffic density mod, because with this mod Emergency vehicles received a separate speed class, driving faster whenever possible (any vehicles obey to local signs for speed limits and to semaphore red lights) .
- by contrary Emergency vehicles will obey also the red light and Ai will of course will ignore their visual and acoustic signals too. These are game limitations, perhaps SCS will make real emergency vehicles one day in their updates.
- there are emergency vehicles in all Vanilla states, however I only use the default SCS skins (I already asked permission to Natvander to use his skins in future updates)
- the sound have a fade in/out effect in 3of4 situations, when the emergency vehicle is stopped or slow driving and you are on the move, when you are stopped and Ai is on the move, when you and the Ai are driving in the same direction. the only situation where I have no fade in/out effect is when you meet emergency vehicles coming from the opposite direction
- the emergency vehicles with beacon and sound can be seen and heard randomly at road events too in the same way as in traffic: only with beacon or with beacon and sound.
- the mod will only work in ATS 1.36 and above

-Piva for extracting all emergency vehicles and adding beacon lights
-Todor Alin for adding sound hookups links for PMGs



ATS Real Ai Emergency pack v1.1 , 1 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (2)

2019-12-22 15:27:43 Sargent Poopy pants (Guest)
Is this working yet ? Thanks for sharing Mods82 , , we ALL enjoy your uploads even those who cry and whine .
2019-12-22 19:18:13 George (Guest)
This always worked. But its only for very big fans of emergency vehicles. The mod itself is pretty bad, and breaks the immersion of the game completely.

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