Classic Cars AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat 7.3.1

1 year ago
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latest Version 7.3.1 · ATS 1.45.x 6 days ago
Pack adds in traffic 127 new AI cars: 

Chevrolet Camaro ('69, '79, '88), Caprice '86, El Camino '73, Chevelle ('67, '70), Impala('67, '84), Silverado K-10 '86, Chevy II '66, Monte Carlo('78, '86), Corvair '69, Corvette('60, '67, '70), K5 Blazer '86, Nova '69, Astro '88, Suburban '86
Dodge Charger R/T '69, Monaco '74, Polara '71, Challenger '70, Super Bee '70, Dodge Coronet '67, Dart '68, Diplomat '85, Mirada '83, Omni 
Ford Mustang ('65, '70, '78, '87), Gran Torino '74, Pinto '71, Bronco '80, F150 '84, E250 '79, Thunderbird '57, Country Squire '66, Granada '81, F100 '70, Fairmont Futura, LTD Crown Victoria '87
Oldsmobile 442 '70, Vista Cruiser '72, Delta 88 '73, Cutlass Supreme Classic '88
Pontiac Firebird('68, '78, '87), Tempest '65, Fiero '88, GTO '69, Catalina '72, Grandprix '85, Bonneville '66
Buick Skylark GSX '70, Regal '87, Century '86, Electra '67
Plymouth Barracuda '68, GTX '71, Volare '79, Road Runner '69, Belvedere '66, Fury '69, Valiant '62, Satellite '66, Duster '71
Mercury Cougar '70, Grand Marquis '86, Cyclone '70
Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz '59, Fleetwood Brougham '85, Cadillac Coupe DeVille '85
Chrysler New Yorker '71, Conquest, 300 '70
Lincoln Continental '62
GMC Sierra 1500 '88, Syclone, Typhoon
Jeep Cherokee '84
AMC Pacer, Javelin '71, Gremlin '73, Hornet '74, Rebel
Winnebago Chieftain '73
Infiniti G20 '90
AC Cobra
Delorian DMC-12
Datsun 510 '70, 240Z
Subaru BRAT '81, Legacy '89
Suzuki Samurai '86
Toyota 4Runner '90, Corolla AE86, Celica '70, 2000GT, Celica Supra '84
Mazda RX-7 '80
De Tomaso Pantera
Saab 99
Triumph TR3
Jaguar XK120, XK150, XK-E
Ferrari Daytona
Porsche 911('73, '82), 914
Volkswagen Beetle '63, Type 2(T1), Rabbit
Aston Martin V8 Vantage '77, DB4 GT
Volvo 242
Mercedes-Benz 300SEL '72

All standalone, works on any maps.
Compatible with all my packs.
For ATS version 1.45.x

Version 7.3.1 - pack adapted for patch 1.45.x

About Mod

Latest Version 7.3.1
Game ATS
Category Other
Game Version 1.45.x
Downloads 11637
Created 1 year ago
Last Updated 6 days ago


Kyle David Downs (Guest)
6 months ago
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@Huh (Guest)
5 months ago
@Huh wouldn't it just be easier to flag and report that poster bot for spam? instead of replying back to it, like that's going to help anything?
Huh (Guest)
5 months ago
Imagine you suck at life so much that you've turned to scamming people with mods for a game with player base that's barely a total of 15k people. Like honestly how do you lack so much self awareness to not realize how pathetic your actions are? It's so pathetic it's not funny anymore. Just really sad.
6 months ago
Hi Jazzycat. Can you make only classic cars in traffic. I like oldies. I want only classic vehicles. Please.
BubbaDubba123 (Guest)
5 months ago
@Uhhh? Ok, why are you just now replying to someone who posted that reply, a month ago ..? Did it take you that long to think that up and type it out? Are you that bored in life, that you can't find something else better to do IRL, or do you like making fun of people who don't play this game every waking moment of everyday of their lives? You're advanced superiority mindset of all ATS mindset really intrigues me ... I'm curious to know if you know how to mod at all, If you do, I could see if the rest of us could learn a few tips of the GREAT ONE, ... Teach us, Master of your vast knowledge of modding of ATS, WE ALL are you grasshoppers lol or are you just one of the billy bigriggers super truckers that like to spew drivel out of that hole, the call a mouth? Either put up or shut up! LOL
Uhhh? (Guest)
5 months ago
Then all you would need to do is only enable classic car traffic mods and disable any traffic packs that are modern lol. That's the point of the car pack and the one above THATS ONLY CLASSIC CARS. The player base of ats never ceases to amaze.
7 months ago
Please add support for Caribbean Map country DEF (Cuba, Jamaica, Venezuela, Puerto Rico...) Cheers!
Funny (Guest)
8 months ago
Also that grammar is horrendous
10 months ago
Finally no dislikes i mean 90% mods on this site should not have dislike becuase kids like jon ruda trash 90% scs on him Jazzycat is GOD creator for jon ruda , pinga and all other 50y old dogs that my real answer and most funny is trrue stay behind your creepy room kids and click download and put dislike probably uare waste of like like ruda 50 y old and sell mods with scs stuffs xD where i live my god
LMAO (Guest)
6 months ago
Tell me you have never paid for a single mod without telling me you've never paid for a single mod. While Pinga and Jon Ruda both charge for mods, they are two of the most reasonably priced and honest mod creators in the community compared to others who are just exploiting uneducated and ignorant customers.
Funny (Guest)
8 months ago
Ball of negativity. Disliked your comment.

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