Trailers Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac 5.9.1

1 year ago
3/5, 52 votes

Latest Update

latest Version 5.9.1 · ATS 1.45.x 3 days ago
Pack adds in traffic 164 different trailers.
Included trailers by Mac, Fontaine, Wilson, Travis, Lode King, Cheetah, SmithCo, Trail King, Trinity, Heil, CMW, Rogers, Beall, Kalyn Siebert, Pitts, Kentucky Trailer, Cobra, Tremcar, Manac, Fabrex, Arctic, Featherlite, Armor Lite, Ti-Brook, Meridian and others.
All standalone. 
Only quality lowpoly models - no FPS drop.
AI cables simulation compatible.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with AI packs by Jazzycat.
Models and skins by: SCS Software, Giant Software, SoftLab, Polygonish, Cape, KMN Modding, DocElyoc, Bcbuhler, Dogebilt, Jura2470, Dietz Modding, andrei383, bansheewoj, Yankee Trucker, B4RT, Ivan, Corey, Obeja, MuhaBZzz, SheryO, PigPen, RubberDuck73, habdorn, Jessy, Chief86, Smarty and others 
For version 1.45.x

Version 5.9.1 - adapted for patch 1.45

About Mod

Latest Version 5.9.1
Game ATS
Category Other
Game Version 1.45.x
Downloads 14039
Created 1 year ago
Last Updated 3 days ago


your pack is out of date (Guest)
2 weeks ago

your pack is so out of date now u never will make it as big as your ETS2 Pack so just stop updating it unless u do something to make it as good as your ets2 one


doug walker (Guest)
2 months ago
This is by far the most boring ai pack in ATS History he has never added anymore real companies and is no where hear the size of the ETS2 Pack witch has over 1000 skins omg someone shut this loser down and let someone with real skills do a ai pack like others i know
doug walker (Guest)
3 months ago
The Godfather's Ai is way better best pack in ATS history
lance benson (Guest)
1 year ago
Thats what i wanna see
lance benson (Guest)
1 year ago
i really wanna see your drivers passing by you in traffic
Adrian (Guest)
10 months ago
SCS will implement that at some point, but who knows when. I can live without it, there are bigger problems to solve for now.
George (Guest)
10 months ago
And i want to see blue pigs flying.
The Godfather GFYS @ YT (Guest)
1 year ago
Yo Can u start adding loads more skins for ai traffic please like fasty food joint s popeyes wendys carl jr hardys and choclate bars soft drinks like fanta sprite and breakfast cereals just to name a few i would like to see that as u do way more skins for the euro truck simulator 2 traffic mod u do and want to see way more real detail in the traffic i do use jazzycat as well but sick of see hey bale trucks every dam 15secs
JuanKilo (Guest)
1 year ago
Thanks for the update, your work is appreciated!

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