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Sound Fixes Pack v18.19 (1.33+)

Rating: 4/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2018-11-29 17:51:36, by mods82

New changelog 18.19:
Compatibility update for ATS 1.33

* SCS Software for base sounds
* Drive Safely for pitch, reverberation and sound edits, some sound samples, and for compiling mod
* antonvezdehod, Ludmilla and Katixa/Irreo for some tire sounds
* Balamut for some key swing and light suspension sounds
* AlexeyP for some trailer coupling, gate/barrier and fuel pump sounds, and sounds from Improved Environment Sound
* nIGhT-SoN for raindrop definitions
* cipinho for some AI traffic sounds


Sound Fixes Pack v18.19 (1.33+), 1 photoSound Fixes Pack v18.19 (1.33+), 2 photoSound Fixes Pack v18.19 (1.33+), 3 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (3)

2018-12-02 03:00:30 HeadsUp (Guest) Get the PROPER mod from SCS forum, this is a link to a site known for malware, fraud and a whole host of over nasty all wrapped up in its shell . Also the proper site linked above means not only does the creator get rewarded but you get a lot of extras (Ai car sounds ect) thrown in .
2018-12-02 07:00:53 Kamy (Guest)
Yet another Stolen mod uploaded by mods82 !!!! This guy needs to stop stealing other peoples mods and claiming that there his !!
2018-12-02 09:59:52 VoteHillary (Guest)
Calm down , , not once has mods82 said its their mod. Take a look beside the name, yep thats right, uploaded by, not created by. Now go back to jerkin it to you porn , ,you got a long ways before you are ready for pornhub. :)

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