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Custom 53โ€™ trailer v1.6 1.35

Rating: 4/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2019-05-18 01:16:29, by mods82

Update 1.6 available:
- Mod updated for version 1.35;
- Stock wheels are changed to standard. Perhaps this will reduce the required level of purchase for the player;
- Added short tanks for the cooling unit;
- Added the ability to install animated flags in the front and rear parts of the trailer, 4 flags are available;
- Added the ability to install lights instead of reflective tape on the bumper;
- Added a new chassis with four axles;
- Added new options for cable boxes;
- Added the ability to install additional equipment on the front wall (like standard trailers) and the Wabash logo on the door;
- Increased the number of slots for stickers on the doors;
- Added the ability to install rectangular lights on the cooling unit (claddnleft slot);
- In tuning wings added lights, which cast light on the ground;
- Added new stickers and skins.

Mod adds a new one, based on the standard 53 'trailer, as well as one new load. Added as a completely new tuning, and tuning based on the standard, many elements of the trailer were recycled. The trailer is autonomous, the type of hitch is only one - a single trailer. Be careful that:
1) The trailer is only for purchase. Unfortunately, in freight market and traffic is not added. Maybe someday I'll do it, but I'm not sure about it;
2) All the bodies look the same, it's not a bug, it was well conceived;
3) The UV is new, skins for standard trailers will not work, but standard game skins have been adapted for this trailer. In the archive there is a template for drawing your skins;
4) Among the available skins there are skins that may contradict your opinions, beliefs, etc. etc. These skins will not be censored or deleted. I do not care that because of them you will refuse to use this mod.

Chris Husky (Imperator3), SCS


Custom 53โ€™ trailer v1.6 1.35, 1 photoCustom 53โ€™ trailer v1.6 1.35, 2 photoCustom 53โ€™ trailer v1.6 1.35, 3 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (6)

2019-05-18 19:28:33 trucker (Guest)
Doesn't work on 1.34
2019-06-01 08:32:57 PAPA64
Duh, it says it's for 1.35.
2019-06-01 23:10:52 George (Guest)
Then just download the 1.34 version. One good thing about these sites is that you can get older versions of the mods. In any case, great mod, im using it on 1.34.
2019-06-16 00:11:26 henksp
nice one hope some day a lowbed from custom 53
2019-06-16 02:40:53 henksp
having troble with the trailer lights in the mirrors only the right side is visible and when from the back of trailer the left side is visible
2019-06-17 04:32:19 George (Guest)
NOT UPDATED. Many issues. Console is your friend. Still waiting that modders one day will wake up and test properly their creations and actually care about quality control.

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