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Doll Trailer with Vessel Bridge 6 and 6 Axles (1.32)

Rating: 3/5, based on 18 votes
uploaded 2018-10-05 03:57:47, by mods82


Version 3.0

Standalone 3 Cargo  
-Two variants
-Trailers without lift axle have the rear wagon starr with the cargo ( drive mutch better )
Cargo : Kesselbruecke Boiler             Weight : 55-95 tons (2x)
Cargo : Kesselbruecke Heavy Components        Weight : 55-95 tons (2x)
Cargo : Kesselbruecke Water Components        Weight : 55-95 tons (2x)

Doll Vario by Roadhunter
Cargos by Roadhunter + SCS + Internetfound



Doll Trailer with Vessel Bridge 6 and 6 Axles (1.32), 1 photoDoll Trailer with Vessel Bridge 6 and 6 Axles (1.32), 2 photoDoll Trailer with Vessel Bridge 6 and 6 Axles (1.32), 3 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (13)

2018-10-05 08:09:36 Byron79
Another leaked mod, way to go loser.
2018-10-05 16:04:16 trucker (Guest)
can u buy this or is it freight market
2018-10-05 20:11:44 FlyGaming
Lol, don't mind Byron, he seems to want to play mod police.
2018-10-05 20:12:56 FlyGaming
It's freight market
2018-10-05 20:22:01 Byron79
Yeah you expect folks to bring content for us to enjoy for free. You work for free? You making mods for folks to enjoy for free?
2018-10-05 20:46:46 anonymous (Guest)
@Byron79 you want to see some amazing FREE mods for an amazing game? go check out a game called ArmA 3, all the mods are free, and ArmA 3 is pretty much a milsim. so go on, complain about people not being able to work for free when people who make full conversion mods, vehicle mods, unit mods, etc. for a very popular game do it for free
2018-10-06 04:34:01 Cookie (Guest)
Time and Time again! If its "Private" Keep it on YOUR PC! and guess what people like me who leak things PROBLEM SLOVED \o/
2018-10-06 07:15:56 FlyGaming
Byron79 doesn't get it, these mod boards are here for people to do exactly that, LEAK THINGS, so there ya go.
2018-10-06 18:44:31 cake (Guest)
Oh it was leaked? That sucks. *clicks download link*
2018-10-06 21:06:29 Nunya (Guest)
Even if they get leaked, in an upcoming update they won't work anymore lol.
2018-10-07 00:49:26 21k (Guest)
@ Can we just grow up Amen brother.
2018-10-11 08:13:24 Elijah1 (Guest)
This was not a leaked mod you can buy the trailer for 20 bucks from the modders website Now heres something Would you pay 20 bucks for a trailer Or download the trailer for free I think we all know what your answer is So be happy this guy reuploaded it
2019-01-06 18:40:47 forlorn (Guest)
@Elijah1, let me ask you this how would you feel if you spent your time to model, code etc all that stuff on a paid product then to have somebody come along and reupload it without your permission

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