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Rackley 9 Axle (w/ steerable option) 1.36

Rating: 5/5, based on 12 votes
uploaded 2019-11-28 11:36:00, by HelmHammerhand

The original Rackley 9 axle mod is NOT my trailer. It was originally leaked from a private group so I'll probably get flak for releasing this edit, but who cares at this point, the leak is already outdated.
The 9 axle is one of my favorite trailer variants but there were many things I wanted to do to it, such as adding a steerable version and more loads.
None of the new loads, models, textures, etc., that are added are my own work either. All are from SCS trailers or other released trailer mods.
I know not all the loads are realistic in terms of weights, sizes, and legal axle configurations. (You can change weights or remove loads by editing/deleting their corresponding .sii files)

-Updated for ATS version 1.36.
-Works on DX11.
-Added "steerable" version.
---Not very realistic compared to the real thing but it's the best I could manage with the game limitations.
-Added new loads/jobs from other trailer mods.
---33 loads (with a total of 50 different model variations).
------All with steerable/non-steerable options and many with multiple load model variants selectable in the job gear icon menu (some job sites are bugged).
---Included many of the new companies from the DLCs (UT, WA, OR, NM, AZ, and NV).
------DLCs arent required for this mod, you just wont have access to the DLC job sites if you don't.
---Tried to keep it somewhat realistic with what loads are delivered to the different types of companies.
-Added beacons, line hookups, trailer cables, and flags.
-Shortened the model to approximately the standard length measurements from Rackley's website, to the best of my ability.
---Deck is 28' long, etc.
-Misc. model changes and additions.

Dwade, Riccosuave, anyone who worked on the load models (pinga, jazzycat, roadhunter etc.), and everyone else whose models were used :D

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uploaded by HelmHammerhand
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Comments (16)

2019-11-28 14:15:02 rocker (Guest)
honestly... need to remove all the loads from other trailer mods, cause its causing major conflicts and stuff (for me atleast) also we need an ownable version
2019-11-28 17:25:47 cory (Guest)
can you make the trailer ownable
2019-11-28 19:20:36 HelmHammerhand
@rocker What trailers are you having conflicts with? I didn't noticed any when testing. Also, no plans to make it ownable anytime soon, since I don't really know how. Last time I tried it was a complete mess.
2019-11-28 22:12:21 Bungie (Guest)
Cheers for the update HelmHammerhand! Looking forward to an ownable ver if u ever attempt it
2019-11-29 01:14:18 Not a paid mod (Guest)
This trailer was supposed to be private to a certain VTC, but an old member got but hurt and leaked it.
2019-11-29 01:57:31 HelmHammerhand
Yeah, this was never a paid mod afaik, just from a private group.
2019-11-29 03:23:02 Random (Guest)
The mod wasn’t leaked by someone being butthurt, was never meant to be leaked anyway it was traded and supposed to still be private i know that’s not how a private mod works but said person didnt do it because of being “butthurt”
2019-11-29 04:04:50 T800W (Guest)
Can you leak the t800 mod too?
2019-11-29 07:58:40 zubo (Guest)
make it ownable pls.
2019-11-30 01:40:23 Henry (Guest)
ok, I downloaded the Mod, where can I find it now to see it?
2019-11-30 04:57:13 Curt
probably Documents or Downloads then you take that file and add it to your ATS Mod folder
2019-11-30 21:32:20 HelmHammerhand
@Henry Open up the rar file you downloaded and drag to your ATS mod folder. Start the game, enable the mod in the mod manager, then you can view the trailer in the main menu by going: vehicle browser -> trailer listing -> tn_rackley. And in the freight market, either search for the cargoes by their name, or just sort by cargo weight since most of them are pretty heavy.
2019-12-02 06:41:15 Guest (Guest)
Whoever updated our trailer can you please pm the Facebook page.
2019-12-03 01:44:24 re guest (Guest)
nice try fbi
2020-03-15 06:27:59 Mike (Guest)
Work very well. No problem for me. Thanks
2020-03-15 06:34:34 Mike (Guest)
I prefer to choose in the job market than to be an owner.

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