The Godfather's Freight Market Pack 3 1.1

9 months ago


latest Version 1.1 · The Godfather's Freight Market Pack 3 · ATS 1.48.x 3 months ago
The Godfather's ATS Freight Market Pack 3 

* The Godfather's Mods Company Brings to u his 2nd Freight Market Pack that gives to u 140 Skins of Real Life Company's & Branding for the 43ft SCS Reefer Trailers,Dry Van Trailers & Insulated Trailers and will spawn at random in the Freight Market Jobs List Plus will also show in the World Of trucks Freight Market Jobs List & Also will spawn at Random in the Ai Traffic Flow its best to use a high traffic flow mod or config the traffic witch i do to 4.0 or higher to get best results..

* All The Skins in this pack are built by The Godfather's Mods Company and holds all rights to the skins in this pack if used on your Livestreams or uploaded videos on any plaform of streaming or Media u must give credit to The Godfather's Mods mCompany..

* v1.1 Update (September 7th 2023)
This Update brings a Full Rework of the pack with 96 Brand new Skins for the pack and 44 returning skins we have used in our old Freight Market Packs to bring the pack to 140 skins in Total..

* Follow The Godfather AKA The Aussie Don at his You Tube chnanel Australia Worldwide Gaming & Entertainment
for all of the American Truck Simulator gameplay action with Live chat and The Don on Web Cam Super chat and super stcikers are in play to show your support and buy him a Coffee would be thankful and show how much u care for the work he puts into not only building mods but taking the time to give u the very best entertainment so do check it out and please Subscribe we Livestream ATS on Monday's & Thursday's From 8pm Sydney Australia Time also we do uploaded videos of trips and also do Freight Market Wednesday's on Wednesday's from 10:30pm Sydney Australia Time..


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