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777 downloads 109.0 MB 15 comments

Wabash Duraplate v4.0 1.36.x

Rating: 3/5, based on 11 votes
uploaded 2019-11-18 00:57:43, by mods82


- Standalone;
- Ownable;
- Baked textures;
- Cable support;
- Animation of supports;
- A large number of skins (American and Canadian companies);
- Tuning.

- Updated for 1.36;
- Added icons for cargo;
- Added accessories;
- Added skins.

B4RT, KeithD

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (14)

2019-11-18 01:31:18 mODS82ISSCUM (Guest)
Garbage re-upload by POSmods82!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD !!!
2019-11-18 06:40:31 Curt
why are you mad at him? xD At lease if your gonna spell is right its 1 s not 2. Ungrateful people now days
2019-11-18 07:14:21 mODS82SucksCUM (Guest)
WTF are you even on about Curt?? Who died and made you king of the Internet again ?!? STFU And go crawl back into that Garbage hole you and that POS Mods82 Freddy Fairy Jimmink came from. Hopefully someone will bury you 2 alive in one sooner or later GTFOH Stupid idiot !! Make ATS Great Again (MAGA) !!!
2019-11-18 07:26:43 Curt
I see you made name change, nice nice. god you're just so funny. Acting like a big shot behind that computer screen. hahaha
2019-11-18 09:53:32 mODS82SucksCUM (Guest)
Curty boy, read what you just said and then realize who's acting like a big shot on the internet now? Why don't you quit drinking the special koolaid of FairyFreddy's/mods82 or whatever his alter ego of the week is and get a life for real !! Do something good in real life instead of playing video games and talking down to Mysterious Ghosts online. If you cant do that get some professional help.
2019-11-18 16:01:12 Curt
this is too funny haha, if you truly think im acting like a big shot. then I don't know what tell you bud. I aint the one commenting "Mods82 you need a nailgun to the head and ballsack, you thieving Bastard !!! Stop stealing peoples stuff you wretched swine POS !!!" and "Curt just keep blowing Mods82's and being his punk b*tch and STFU!!! stupid son of a b***h get real !!!" oh this one was good Curt why don't you mind your business and/or take leap out into the front of an oncoming train! You F*ckin Stool Pigeon and take your lover Mods82 with ya !! You wanna talk about growing up, you should take your own advice a%%hole and get off the net and go outside and get some fresh air and enjoy life, instead of sitting and playing Video games while jerking off … because that's what you sound like you are. Also its because idiots like you and POSMods82 is what makes modders greedy and make their mods Paid/Private! oh yeah that's all !!" So again? Whose acting like a big shot cause it aint me Hahaha
2019-11-18 16:55:05 Danny (Guest)
This is junk. Corrupt file. Tried twice and the same thing.
2019-11-18 19:06:06 tantalus
Ow look another box trailer. I only have 2459 now. Seriously stop uploading box trailers if they are just that , box trailers. The game is completely plagued by them. Unless it is something neat like the custom 53 or something fully customizable, we dont want more and more. Its already a plague.
2019-11-18 19:07:24 Rolyat (Guest)
Updated by KeithD... lol. Avoid this mod guys. Seriously.
2019-11-19 01:07:53 RG Trucking (Guest)
The Mod works a lot better now then it did on 1.35, It lagged the crap out of my Computer but IT DON'T now!
2019-11-19 15:32:49 Danny (Guest)
@tantalus If you get the custom 53 it works in 1.36 with utah. I am using it now and everything works just fine. I dont know about error's or anything because I just haven't checked. It need's some updated cargo's added to it but other than that yeah.
2019-11-19 16:17:40 Curt
Danny the custom 53 works for me
2019-11-19 17:33:32 Tantalus (Guest)
Danny im already using the custom 53 on 1.36, but what i meant is that, the custom 53 is worthy to have it because it has many customization options. But any other regular box trailer like this one??? pff. No thanks, i can buy a box trailer from the vanilla stock and it will be exactly the same (probably better) than this mod.. but people keep making more and more box trailers, for some reason.. i guess because they are really easy to make (they are exactly the same as the vanilla ones so lol) instead trying to make lowbeds or flatbeds, that ATS needs desperatedly.. but no...
2019-11-20 08:55:56 slayer72
File downloaded and mod works perfectly, nuff said.

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