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American Truck Simulator Mack Superliner

Rating: 4/5, based on 11 votes
uploaded 2016-02-03 08:38:00, by Guest

American Truck Simulator Mack Superliner truck mod download.

Original: ?
Adapted for ATS by ElEter

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (7)

2016-02-03 09:07:42 ElEter (Guest)
Dont touch Key information,game crash bitte druken ie nicht taste Info weil game absturt ist prego non premere il tasto Info il jogo si ferma No pulzar la tecla info pues el juego se crashea fallo del original y no encuentro solucion
2016-02-05 18:00:29 foss (Guest)
no download only advertising
2016-02-05 22:45:27 Respect Mods (Guest)
These Mack Superliner is from RTA Mods and has a Copyright!!! ElEter!!! have a little bit "RESPECT" for these work!!! Asshole!!!
2016-02-06 23:29:21 Stas556 (Guest)
Authors:   SCS: - base. Virat: - 3D modeling. Stas556: - envelope, animation, residence. kriechbaum: - sounds, registration of engines, transmissions, icons. Fire-Blade: - 3ds Max modeling. Fox071rus: - 3ds Max modeling. Smith: - Technical support. Роберт Богданов: - Texturing, scan. Gerald Hardie: - Technical support. Knox: - dashboard TV & GPS
2016-02-07 00:58:30 ElEter (Guest)
Respect Mods (Guest), 2016-02-05 22:45:27 These Mack Superliner is from RTA Mods and has a Copyright!!! ElEter!!! have a little bit "RESPECT" for these work!!! Asshole!!! RESPECT and you copyright !! SCS are allow recht!!!you are out of layers
2016-04-26 14:27:06 Rusty (Guest)
unfortunate for those selling mods with copy righted label on them....Kenworth/PACCAR, Mack, Volvo, Peterbuilt, Caterpillar, Cummins.... just to name a few all have copy right attached to THEIR labels and any reference to THEIR brand.... any use of these brands through any use must be licensed and approved if /for the gain of any finacial or recieving of token monies is by illegal gain and dividens must be paid to the owner of the if respect is needed, pay up or shut up...without the modders great effort and work these games would become stale and not SCS had to initailly use names not recognised by the brands but were able to reproduce the model...under great effort they were slowly able to release the models with the correct brand , to them a small cost but became sponorship and recognisable branded models......
2016-07-30 04:33:01 BigRed Muvila (Guest)
well said rusty

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