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Freightliner Classic XL V2.0+ 5/6 (BSA Revision) for ATS v1.35 or higher

Rating: 4/5, based on 11 votes
uploaded 2020-01-13 19:42:38, by blacksitearea


Updated up to ATS v1.35 and DX11 requirments. Tested on ATS v1.36
Freightliner mod dealers;
- 3 cabins: 70'' Mid-Roof and Raised Roof Sleepers, 84'' Raised Roof Sleeper;
- 3 interiors with its variants;
- 6 chassis: 259'' and 275'' 6X4 chassis, 273'', 282'' and 288'' 8X4 chassis, 320'' 8X6 chassis;
- Paintjob support;
- Advanced Coupling System support;
- Its own trailer cables;
- Its own tuning;
- Tires and Freightliner covers included;
- Smoke;
- DLC Steering Creations Pack + Steering Wheel Knobs included;
- DLC Cabin Accessories support (some items included);
- SCS Horns support;
- Warning flags and front banners included;
- Small lights included;
- Presented in Trucks Gallery;
- Added to Quick Jobs.

Skin pack for the mod is provided.


Softclub-NSK - authors of the model;
Oleg ConteSergej Baltazar - conversion to ETS2;
dmitry68 - some parts;
Kriechbaum - some sounds;
Ventyres - wheels;
odd_fellowJohn RudamemesDrive SafelySliipaisNikolaCustom Truck ATS - mod development and game versions adaptation;

Used some parts and details or their elements from: RTA-Mods trucks, Freightliner FLD 120 by Anton Aronson and KW_Driver, Freightliner Classic v1.0 edited by Carlos, 1999 Peterbilt 379 EXHD v2.5 for ATS v1.5, GTM Kenworth T800 2017 (package v2 Beta) by GT-Mike and John Boyd, Kenworth w900 LYB for ATS v1.2, strobe lights by LeafeonGold.

Credits for skins go to: SkinerDirect ModdingLucasiWadethe3rdPaulyImperator3MixaSenTKK5050-3ChomeLucasI_EviLTravonChablo954, and to some others, whose names are absent in their mods.

Thank you ALL for this awesome truck!!

BSA Junk Yard Revision notes:

- Based on Freightliner Classic XL mod V2.1 edited by Custom Truck ATS for ATS v1.4.4.2 and Freightliner Classic XL mod V2.0 Official by odd_fellow for ATS v1.5;

- Updated: up to ATS v1.35;

- Fixed: models and collision corrections, DX11 adaptation;

- Added: 84'' Raised Roof Sleeper with its interior, 275'' 6X4, 273'', 282'' and 288'' 8X4, and 320'' 8X6 chassis, steerable and non-steerable lift axles, trailer cables, multiple shadows for some details and for all the accessories, some items of cabin accessories, SCS horns support for Mid-Roof cabin, collision models for all the headache racks; license plates, side boxes and battery boxes, side straps/flares, vents and rivets for the sleepers, plastic rear fenders, bumped metal rear fenders w/ or w/o sliding steps and handrail, lift axle fenders, rear steps and chains, roof wings for Mid-Roof variant, beacon, warning flags, front banners, smoke for all the variants of exhausts; new variants of rear lights, tanks, hood mirrors, headache racks, painted variant of airfilters and of lightbars for them, painted dash panel.

- Revised: truck, interior, accessories models and files, coupling system, collision models, shadows;

- Changed: mod structure and internal name to prevent the mixing of Classic XL with other mods on Freightliner trucks, roof of the Mid-Roof variant, powered axles.

- Deleted: redundant, unused and some irrelevant for ATS files.


   This one is the Advanced version of  the mod. The third link for downloading leads to the page with the previous three versions of the mod !   

uploaded by blacksitearea
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Comments (16)

2020-01-13 20:31:23 trucker (Guest)
chrome on the steering wheel become black
2020-01-13 21:59:59 blacksitearea
And the other chrome details suddenly became more brighter in v1.36. It seems that ancient SCI SW pack needs to be replaced by the new one for v1.36.
2020-01-14 18:06:41 arraf (Guest)
@blacksitearea why do you always post at stolen sites like this.You could post at the scs forum,steam workshop and because these are good sites and lots of people will then take your mods from there
2020-01-14 20:47:24 blacksitearea
@arraf, you are wrong. Most downloads are made here, on the I have no desire to be there on the SCS forum, to answer gamers' questions and update mods every other week like galimim does, instead of spending many many hours of my life, working with ZModeler.
2020-01-15 04:48:23 jimmy (Guest)
Truck sound like honda civic max speed 80 mph with no trailer turning not correct super wide just crap for now needs work
2020-01-15 12:19:45 blacksitearea
Trucking is a business for hauling, not for howling.
2020-01-16 07:25:06 Sam (Guest)
Lol hauling yeah right basic trucks provided by ats better then this ****
2020-01-16 10:55:09 blacksitearea
Vanilla trucks? Then what it is that makes you sniffing at these unauthorized mod sites like this one, Sammy boy?
2020-01-17 04:51:09 Snacker (Guest)
Well well I see that this awesome relic has got some much needed attention finally. Blacksitearea kudos to you for doing a decent job on fixing this mod up and sharing with us. However I did find a couple minor problems 1.the air vents on the dash are still missing lol. 2. If you have any other truck mod that has freight liner dash data it will conflict and dash display and gps in all trucks and will not work in any truck. 3. Have to be aware that when changeing cabin and ch****is's around game might crash if you mix wrong combination together. Ok that is my 3 main bugs to mention . Again thank you Blacksitearea .
2020-01-17 11:26:13 blacksitearea
@Snacker, thanks for your reply. I don't like dash vents, because they have no holes, but to give attention to such small things meant to have never completed project for me, for my target had been to spread the gamma of details and accessories for you to choose when you buy this truck. Any issues with DBC and GPS are SCS problems, because you use one truck at a time, and AI traffic doesn't have it. The problem of other mods using the same or Cl****ic XL files looks having no decision, because there always were, are and will be mod builders who don't care they make problems for the others.
2020-01-18 07:31:01 blacksitearea
@David, you doesn't need any city. You need only the access to buying trucks menu, that is to have anyone dealer observed on the map. There is the Mod Dealers button in the left lower corner of the screen where the Buy Online button is. The bought truck is sent to your garage slot.
2020-01-18 08:02:25 blacksitearea
Oh, no, right corner.
2020-01-20 02:17:00 Snacker (Guest)
Sorry I meant no offense to your contribution of sharing Blacksitearea I thought I would mention the visual bugs that are still there .
2020-01-20 08:05:55 blacksitearea
@Snacker, I saw you did not. I don't use any other Fred, and so have no bugs.
2020-02-14 06:02:18 vinnie (Guest)
hi , blacksitearea ,the passenger seat don't support sisl
2020-02-14 22:19:16 blacksitearea
Hi, vinnie! There are too many items in SiSL Pack, including those for the passenger seat. I know that gamers usually use only some of them, but I have no idea which items are those or which their name are. I am sure SiSL will add this mod to his pack himself for you if he wants you to use it.

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