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Kenworth K100-E v0.90 1.35

Rating: 2/5, based on 40 votes
uploaded 2019-07-09 09:36:00, by mods82

- 6 chassis (4x2, short 6x4, normal 6x4. One set for 90" cabs, and one for 112" cabs)
- 4 cabs, based on real life counterparts (90", 90" Aerodyne, 112", and 112" Aerodyne)
- Matching interiors for all cabs, 2 styles, each with several color variants.
The interior models are slightly simplified compared to actual ones.
- Paint schemes, based on what you'd see on real K100 trucks.
- Wind deflectors & fairings, based on real life ones.
- Engines by Kriechbaum. The list is minimized, because i find the regular assortment overwhelming. I included the C15 cats, Straight pipe cats, and most of the Cummins.
- Transmissions. 10, 13, 18 speed eatons, 5 and 6 speed allisons. Each comes with 3 different axle ratios. Also, Allisons have a retarder, the Eatons don't.

The chassis models used, are from the base game.
Other parts that you might think are from the base game, indeed are.

Link 1 truck
Link 2 Skin templates
Link 3  k100 custom plate

Credit for the 3D model of the engine + transmission block, goes to Harven.
Credit for the sounds, and engine defs, goes to Kriechbaum.


Kenworth K100-E v0.90 1.35 , 1 photoKenworth K100-E v0.90 1.35 , 2 photoKenworth K100-E v0.90 1.35 , 3 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (18)

2019-07-09 10:46:30 robert (Guest)
thanks love kenworth 100,hope he had more exaust options.
2019-07-09 10:50:12 diana (Guest)
Love this its refresh kenwortrh 100 with super colors sheme and more exhaust options thanks 1000 times.
2019-07-09 11:52:51 WI5PER
43 mb for an excellent model, great tuning possibilities, good physics, etc. My God, this is the most excellent mod I've ever seen in my life!
2019-07-09 12:04:41 mojo (Guest)
this is a good on, THX
2019-07-09 14:31:50 CorNhOLE (Guest)
One of the best! Right up there with Viper2's 389
2019-07-09 20:09:42 George (Guest)
Amazing mod. NO errors. Optimized as hell. Polished. We have a new GOOD modder among us. This is a relief keeping in mind how much trash is out there these days.
2019-07-09 20:12:10 Amatist (Guest)
Now, who in hell will vote negative on this??? o.O i guess there are people out there that actually needs a brain after all. GorNhOLE i hope you are kidding. This mod is a million times better than vipers 389 hahahaha. By a long shot. THIS mod is optimized (viper's is a fps killer for a start) and there are no errors at all (viper's has a few of em, and it shouldnt). One day you guys will actually understand when a mod is really good (this one) and when a mod is just, playable (viper's).
2019-07-09 21:31:58 Pablo (Guest)
Best of the Best!!! Awesome! Make Peterbilt 362 too please!!! )
2019-07-09 21:44:49 trucker (Guest)
this is a really cool old school truck, it need little bit more back bumpers with lights and on board computer doesn't work
2019-07-09 22:11:56 Negative Vote (Guest)
Why do you think people constantly vote negative of mods on this site? Because they are not original links and stolen from the original mod creator. It doesn't fucking matter if you give credit. But yet you fuckers download from links not of the creator. Hence this fucker mods83 is a mod stealer just for pennies of advertising. Fucking losers.
2019-07-09 23:11:30 brownging (Guest)
This mod is great! Lots of detail, great truck to drive. How about the same treatment on an old Peterbilt? Anyway thanks for the good work.
2019-07-09 23:36:04 Brain Matter (Guest)
This mod looks really nice. I'd like to see a 80/90's flatglass Kenworth W900L released like this as well (that's not a paid mod).
2019-07-10 00:46:41 Brain Matter (Guest)
*flatglass Kenworth W900B & W900L
2019-07-10 02:00:39 George (Guest) is a FUCKHEAD (Guest)
George (Guest) ids heading for a smack in the mouth, still running his mouth about modders, can't mod for shit himself but has so much input on FREE MODS, George (Guest) FUCK RIGHT OFF YOU FAGGOT
2019-07-10 05:30:56 Guest (Guest)
This is a great mod. Please consider a 352 Pete...Please
2019-07-10 08:20:29 Right Link (Guest)
Heres the link to the actual truck So go download it from here not from this site.
2019-07-10 08:24:59 Curt (Guest)
Great mod until you his a telephone pole then the cab goes 180 and your stuck LOL
2019-07-13 18:50:51 Alfonso (Guest)
Muchas gracias por este camión, esta genial y lleva lo justo, es decir mas no necesita es un trabajo excelente, saludos

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