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uploaded 2019-08-14 13:28:28, by xtrucker36

1 cabin 
1 chassis 
Many parts 
1.35 dx11 

tsa and my edit


KENWORTH T408 SAR dx11 , 1 photo

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uploaded by xtrucker36
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Comments (3)

2019-08-16 20:25:08 George (Guest)
Well guys, its a TSA mod, what can you expect? TSA dont make good mods, pretty the opposite most of the times, sure they make very pretty and customizable mods, but with zero polishing and optimization (most important thing in a mod). And btw mods82 didnt steal anything, he only uploaded it here. And as far as i know this mod allows people to upload it somewhere else as long as the credits and the mod are intacts. Stop acting like jerks, guys.
2019-08-16 20:26:09 George (Guest)
Oh lol, didnt notice the uploader this time wasnt mods82 hahahahahah (because is always the same i just assumed), in any case, same thing applies.
2019-08-17 05:53:51 OMG (Guest)
George (Guest) you really are the pest of modsites, you input means nothing as you CAN'T MOD YOURSELF, so every thing you say is worthless information, just like yourself, WORTHLESS

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