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uploaded 2018-08-31 14:02:03, by FreddyMalkovich

Hello fellow truckers. We at Facebook ATS & ETS2 Rebel Mod Shop has decided to share the KW T600. Me and my butt buddy John wants to make amends for swipping so many hard work mods and will be giving back to the community. The T600 has 2 cabs, various engines, nice options and working airlines. Again this is from my personal FB Rebel group, I am Freddy also go by mods 82 with my butt buddy for life John. Have fun and keep on trucking.


KENWORTH T600, 1 photoKENWORTH T600, 2 photoKENWORTH T600, 3 photoKENWORTH T600, 4 photo

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uploaded by FreddyMalkovich
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Comments (8)

2018-08-31 14:44:22 PrettyBoyQ (Guest)
The mod don't even work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2018-08-31 21:35:23 mmtrucker (Guest)
This mod makes the cables disappear in other trucks
2018-09-01 00:03:20 satan 666 (Guest)
maybe your mother has 2 cabins and maybe your mother works on ats 1.32.,2.60s
2018-09-01 04:48:32 FreddyMalkovich
The mod is for 1.31 sorry about not saying that in the post. I have ass cancer from my butt buddy John so some times I forget things. Will upload video soon to show that it works.
2018-09-01 15:21:28 Freddy Jimmick (Guest)
I stole this mod from someone else
2018-09-02 19:55:24 FreddyMalkovich
The mod works in 1.31 check video to see. If u are having problems check you mods.
2018-09-04 09:06:34 reee (Guest)
You guys realise 1.32 is beta right? MEANING ITS NOT EVEN FULLY REALESED
2019-04-15 19:19:11 Alky

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