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kenworth w900l

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uploaded 2019-05-20 08:53:25, by renenate12

added rack,deckplates ,airline on cab , bumpers, fenders , exhaust , sun visors and stretched chassis ... update 1.35

renenate , dave martin


kenworth w900l, 1 photokenworth w900l, 2 photo

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uploaded by renenate12
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Comments (10)

2019-05-20 10:15:50 FarktheHaters - nooneownsthecommunity (Guest)
Thanks - Keep up the good work
2019-05-20 17:46:54 gi dave (Not in joe,s unit) (Guest)
Thank you for the work put in to it and for uploading it. joe is angry today because he hates iran ,,it gets really hot there and he is of a very pale complexion. Salute !
2019-05-20 19:52:07 renenate12
updated ,ONLY for 1.35
2019-05-20 21:30:27 SGT Ramrod (Guest)
gi joe , tonite when i climb in your bunk as usual you getting the whole rod boy............. ive been giving you just the tip. ;)
2019-05-20 21:52:21 Elber Galarga (Guest)
lol, I don't understand why people get so upset. If it doesn't work just uninstall easy as that.
2019-05-20 22:48:15 Ivan (Guest)
Wow crazy how mad everyone gets. I tried using your t660 the other day and crashed my game. Id download this one but dont wanna be disappointed if it doesnt work. Id love to have a flattop kw with headache rack for flatbedding.
2019-05-21 02:41:23 GTS (Guest)
Gameplay Video
2019-05-21 15:24:44 DDSniper
IVAN go download Pingas W900 im using it and it has flat top options for it it works Just fine for me
2019-05-21 18:24:09 butthurt mod downloader (Guest)
LOL @ people getting upset over a mod. Go outside and play or get a job. Find other things to do with your time.
2019-05-24 08:50:42 Badger (Guest)
I dont get all these abusive knobends,..dont get this BS on the ets2 sites,..dont get it on flightsim sites..only ats2,..its about time the web was CC access only to stop children from being able to flap their abusive lips online. Time to stat acting like fucking adults. its easy to act tough hiding behind a keyboard your mummy has paid for, to see these little cancers say the same shit to actual peoples faces

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