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Mack R Series v 1.5 (1.37.x)

Rating: 4/5, based on 14 votes
uploaded 2020-04-15 00:27:00, by mods82

Changes in v1.5
- Compatibility update for version 1.37,
- Sounds converted to the new FMOD system,
- Added openable Windows,
- Added support for all missing items from the steam inventory (they must be present to appear),
- Hood ornament is slightly reduced,
- Some minor changes in the interior materials

Changes in v1.4
- Compatibility update for game version 1.35,
- Updated models and animations to latest format version,
- Updated wipers definition

-Real dimensions based on Mack specs,
-Real engines and transmissions with torque curves, ratios and other parameters,
-Fully animated detailed interior,
-All standard SCS truck features, like advanced coupling, trailer cables, etc.
-Detailed models based on many reference photos (thanks to Trayscapes and Google images), with reasonable triangle count which should not kill your GPU
-Beautiful engine sounds made by Kriechbaum (6v92, Mack E6) and recorded by Trayscapes (Mack E6),
-Original paint jobs made by Lucasi, Pauly and me (not my wife this time, she's babysitting currently ;),
-No errors, no warnings and hopefully not conflicting with other mods (nah, there is always a poor mod that will break things ;) but not this one!),
-Next Gen Scania paintjob system (all skinnable parts have their own templates, except air cleaners, they are on the cab template),
-Currently only R600 hood with day cab.
-Can I finally go drive the truck and not write this silly description? ;)
-The truck is available at Kenworth dealers.

Link 1 Truck
Link 2 Truck (mirror)
Link 3 Steering Creations Pack DLC
Link 4 Dragon DLC Steering Wheel
Link 5 Valentine's Day DLC Steering Wheel

Harven, Kriechbaum, Pauly, Lucasi, Trayscapes, RTA.


Mack R Series v 1.5 (1.37.x), 1 photoMack R Series v 1.5 (1.37.x), 2 photoMack R Series v 1.5 (1.37.x), 3 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (12)

2020-04-15 03:33:59 Chow says. (Guest)
The Mack r series was an old trucks. It was in 1952 for version
2020-04-16 17:53:46 Bisakn (Guest)
I activate the mod in manager, but I don't see it in any dealership or in mod trucks.
2020-04-16 22:00:21 bloodlineuk (Guest)
Bisakn same here arrrrrrrrrr
2020-04-17 06:38:06 Hey _You_Guys (Guest)
You might want to get it from Harven on Steam as he is the creator of it, and not from this Horse's A$$ looking, mod stealer that is Mods82! Its because of this Horsesh*t Wanker POS, is the reason why Harven wont add nothing to his trucks anymore … So you guys can thank D*ckless Mods82 for this!! That POS s****bag!!
2020-04-17 21:14:39 LTnasty
@hey_you_guys like you care that the mod is stolen lol its not your problem i like mods 82 makes it easy to get mods
2020-04-18 05:22:12 Hey_LTnasty (Guest)
Do you also give Sloppy wet Bl*wjobs to Mods82 in return for those precious little mods as well ?? Go be his little lap dog b*tch somewhere else!!
2020-04-18 09:44:51 mods82
@Bisakn Please re-download, I fixed the problem
2020-04-18 09:45:53 mods82
2020-04-18 16:55:33 Bisakn (Guest)
Nop, still not working, mod is active, but can't be found in any dealership. not even when I disable all other mods.
2020-04-18 18:32:00 mods82
@Bisakn Please re-download. I fixed it and checked everything, it works 100%
2020-04-19 09:50:58 Mods82 (Guest)
Quit reuploading mods you 4 eyed Wh*re!!! Freddy don't you have real job … or some F*ck buddies, that you could be beating off or something? instead of sitting around reuploading other people hard work?? Man … I've seen your pics on FB, you look like a four eyed Di*kless swine, that looks like you take pleasure on r*ping kids !! Is that what you do, because tou need to get a life and also get some professional help, man !!
2020-05-29 20:03:02 JK PARK (Guest)

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