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Mack Superliner-V8 v3.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 18 votes
uploaded 2017-01-19 02:00:00, by Guest

Tractor unit Mack Superliner-V8 v3.0
- Stand-alone (a completely separate slot)
- Spelled out in the Kenworth Motor Show
- 2 cabins
- 1 chassis
- CAT 6
- 9 Engines
- Its sounds
- Its wheels and tires
- Supports DLC Cabin Accessories
- A lot of different tuning
- Paint

What's new in version 3.0: -

- Adaptation of the patch 1.5.x
- Animation mudguards, pedals, brakes, clutch and gas
- Zapechka on new technology
- Added template for skins
- New interior (two versions)
- Completely redesigned
- Improved model of the exterior and interior (new)
- High-quality texture
- New 3D Dita
- There is a skin (test)
- There is a template for skins

Test versions 1.5.x -

P / S Later fashion new settings and bug fixes will be continuously improved and developed to be added, of course.

Authors: Virat, SCS: - 3D model, Smith - Template, help with the animation, pastries, etc, Fire-Blade: - improved internal and external model, modeling, Stas556: - conversion and adjustment. v2.0, NN-Mihail: - conversion and adjustment. v3.0, kriechbaum: - sounds, engines and peredach.Pauly box: - testing, technical support, Evelin Sophie: - Support, Driver Geo: - video, test, Mick Brown: - Support, Tracy N Nathan Anderson - Technical support. 

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (12)

2017-01-30 16:06:49 Yourname (Guest)
When you press '' i '' in cabin game will crash , why is that? It works really great , thanks. Just the '' i '' makes the game crash.
2017-02-22 05:50:50 Captainsundevil (Guest)
please take this goddamn link off the website, this truck is no longer up for download
2017-03-18 07:55:33 Franck (Guest)
OMG i love this truck so much thanks :) ik that im suppose to pay for it but i take this opportunity
2017-04-06 02:28:26 CSD (Guest)
the 2nd link works
2018-02-20 18:51:00 SpeedyHaul (Guest)
The 2nd link still works and who gives a crap dont give russians your $$ they dnt get copywrtie permissions or anything themselves soo I see it as fair game to get the mod free LoL :)
2018-02-20 18:52:55 SpeedyHaul (Guest)
I still use a old version of this mod cause the later ones make the Mack rims unavailable to other trucks... I would like to update n find out how to make the wheels available for all trucks again.....
2018-03-06 03:40:08 Johnny Be Good (Guest)
When will update version 4.1 be posted to the page?
2018-03-06 03:41:25 Johnny Be Good (Guest)
Version 4.1 has an American version with an American sleeper and some other American components...
2018-06-12 14:49:02 Speedy (Guest)
When will a new version of this be released? Its one of the best trucks in the game....
2018-06-20 16:39:06 SiMR
ripe for the picking right off the vine..flipps RTA the bird (why on earth would I pay you SOB's U.S. Currency for your Stolen product)..your stupider than stupid.
2018-06-30 05:24:01 joe (Guest)
My game is updated to 1.31 and I cannot figure out how to get the truck to work does anyone have suggestions
2019-01-21 12:26:19 steve (Guest)
this is a great truck I use only macks on both ets and ats but they need a 1.33 update

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