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Peterbilt 389 Longhood 1.36

Rating: 3/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2019-12-12 11:47:31, by mods82

fixed bugs added tank logger
Tested on 1.36.x version

Viper2, renenate

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (8)

2019-12-12 16:07:20 George (Guest)
Why is viper2 mixed with renenate???? omfg. I know viper2 is not a bad modder (just a decent one keeping in mind all the trash we have these days) but renenate????. Pff, sorry but no. Avoiding this mod at all costs.
2019-12-12 23:51:30 renenate (Guest)
original link
2019-12-13 05:50:17 slayer72
That's right, NEVER download anything from Freddy Jimmink AKA mods82
2019-12-13 08:26:57 Andy (Guest)
goerge show us your mods and let us comment on yours...what not got any? HAHAHAHAHAHA
2019-12-13 16:40:29 Curt
Andy show off your mods first lmao
2019-12-13 21:25:18 George (Guest)
Andy i hope you realize you dont need to be a modder to understand when a modder is bad or not. Its a simple process, you just need to have common sense.. oh wait...
2019-12-14 02:31:20 Stu (Guest)
Iam gonna have to roll with Curt and Hoar-hey on this one.
2019-12-17 07:48:42 Some guy that knows (Guest)
Sooooo This isn't vipers'. If I'm correct, this is Outlaws 379 cause Viper didn't do the phantom fenders and grill for the 389.. Sooooo that might be some of yall's problem with this mod.

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