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Renault Saviem (1975) for ATS 1.36.x

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uploaded 2020-02-27 04:30:11, by vasja555

Rework and update for ATS. 
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Changes/updates for ATS:
- Reworked trailer cables in ATS style (+not going in the other textures anymore).
- Tweaked sound for correct work in ATS(+you can hear blinkers now).
- Fixed front and rear licence plate positions(front plate not "hanging" in the air anymore).
- Added ATS Steam Hanging toys.
- Added passengers.
- Corrected badges.

Note: Was not planned to release it in public and converted this truck in ATS for my own use only. But changed my mind.  Don't ask me for ETS2 update for this truck. I will not be doing it. There are other guys that work with it for ETS2. Feel free to use some parts from this edit if you wish. Credits to original authors are due then.  

MADster, kheops69; ATS rework by vasja555


Renault Saviem (1975) for ATS 1.36.x, 1 photoRenault Saviem (1975) for ATS 1.36.x, 2 photoRenault Saviem (1975) for ATS 1.36.x, 3 photoRenault Saviem (1975) for ATS 1.36.x, 4 photo

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uploaded by vasja555
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