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TomDooley’s Enhanced Kenworth T680/T880 for ATS 1.35

Rating: 3/5, based on 9 votes
uploaded 2019-08-07 00:05:11, by mods82

The mod adds a lot of new features, tuning, accessories to the stock Kenworth T680. Can T680 be changed to T880
Includes several chassis, T680 and T880 cabs, as well as many other additional components.

If you also use Peterbilt Enhanced 579 put it above this mod.

349hugo, Pendragon, Viper, Aradeth, Ohaha, Franck Brasil, Solaris, Robert Modjeski & Dc vinh, Shin2044, GTM (GT-Mike), CH_Vitalik/Dmitry68/Kirilloid22/Gosh, TomDooley


TomDooley’s Enhanced Kenworth T680/T880 for ATS 1.35, 1 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (11)

2019-08-07 04:25:35 Curt (Guest)
stolen right from a fb group lol mods82 strikes again
2019-08-07 12:31:50 Curt (Guest) WAKEUP (Guest)
WHO CARES their mods are shit anyway, Typical rubbish mod from them, nothing special and nothing new,
2019-08-08 02:01:48 Sandy (Guest)
Yup, crappy mods, as always. And btw mods82 is not the creator of the mod, he is just the uploader. So nothing was "stolen". So many dumb and ignorant people around these pages.
2019-08-08 17:02:11 TomDooley (Guest)
Well if you think this is shit, shell out bucks for pay mods - if you find some worth the money. The good thing is, I do't give a wet fart about what you morons think. You can only leech and pester, so fuck you, I'm outta here. Sincerely, TomDooley
2019-08-08 18:39:53 RG Trucking (Guest)
@TomDooley, This mod is great! Waiting on the Pete 579 too! I am a older adult ATS player & PLEASE don't pay no mind to this Rude teen aged kids on here! US adults Thank you for your GREAT work, Thank you!
2019-08-08 18:58:09 @Curt(guest) WAKEUP(GUEST) Curt (Guest)
its a decent mod, I had to remove the freighting argosy for it to work perfectly, but its fine I was gonna get rid of it anyways, enough lol Tom keep up the good work pal!! I think Sandy got sand in her vagina thats why she's so salt. oh well
2019-08-08 19:00:19 Curt
now no more (guest) I made the account with Curt haha
2019-08-08 21:42:23 Fart (Guest)
I dont give a wet fart about this mod
2019-08-09 02:44:46 Curt
Welp no one cares if you gave the wettest fart in the world lol.
2019-08-09 17:12:22 Sandy (Guest)
TomDooley i dont need to pay for good mods. In fact pay mods are even worst. Most of the times. Im only asking for polishing and optimizing, you know there is a thing called developer console where you can see all the errors and bad things going on. But i guess you, being a terrible modder dont even know how to use it. And yes, in the official forums there are dozens of amazing mods, far better than paid ones that dont have issues or at least, modders there are concerned about polishing and optimizing their mods. As i said, since you are not a decent modder, and you dont care about making a polished and optimized mod, you probably dont have a clue about all of this.
2019-08-12 18:51:30 Curt
Sandy remove the sand from your vagina, mod works great for me, sometimes mods don't work for others. Oh well, the W900A mod on steam the whole thread of comments is It works Or it doesn't work, Don't like this mod Get the fuck over it Simple

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