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latest Version 2.2 · Bugatti Chiron · 0.25.x 1 month ago
Good stuff:
fixed some textures and midsize maps which were in collaboration with other mods; added new thumbanils. Thanks to Mr Crying cat for fixing the engine; the turbo; the HP of the engine; added two new configuration "Grid; EH EH EH HAW" also he fixed the PBR in some places and fixed two Jbeams; thanks to Phaien for fixing the differentials.
Bad stuff:
I need to fix the front bumper Jbeam.
What's new?
Good stuff:
revised the whole mod; added new high quality wheels, removed old wheels, edited all jbeams, it's the second Jbems I make on my mods, removed some useless jbeams, removed all SBR textures in the mod files, fixed a spoiler texture, fixed the black color now the color is much nicer, added new thumbnails, improved the damage physics I separated the bumpers and mirrors from the car body, fixed the AWD transfer case I don't have to work on it at all; Phaien and I have fixed it up a bit.
Bad stuff:
the spoiler lua does not work properly, the AWD transfer case breaks less.
Given the great success of the mod I decided to update it by fixing some things for example I removed the useless Jbeam, removed the steering wheels of the Nomi now you can only select its steering wheel, also removed the hood of the Nomi, removed the Jbeam of the Nomi racing wing, removed the Jbeam of the plates being that we had not modified them, removed the useless motors now you can select only its motor, removed the jbeam of the racing fenders being that they were of no use, removed many useless materials in Materials.CS; increased top speed now the car reaches over 450 km / h, added new thumbnails and a new configuration with custom racing tires. Thank you all for the support you are giving me, but now that I have it fixed you should like it more.
Notice before installing this new version of the mod please remove the old version then clean up the cache and install the new version. Thank you

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