Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Manager 1.1.7674-beta

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latest Version 1.1.7674-beta 3 years ago
Updates for 1.1.7674-beta:
Windows.Forms library for directory selection is included
Added the ability to select a custom backup path
Translations update
New settings fields have been added - (bool)_custombackup and (string)_custombackuppath
Added more bugs to fix later
Updates for 1.1.7662-beta:
Information on the current installation status can now be translated.
The exceptions for game folders are now "cyberpunk," "cyberpunk2077" and "cyberpunk 2077" | Or they can be ignored by the root directory name.
The hacking console will not appear when you hold Shift during the first start.
The displayed version of the game has been corrected. Now the patch version is compatible.
Theming disabled for a while.
Files can be deleted, but not always. Use with caution
Further bugs have been added to fix later.
Updates for 1.1.7657-beta:
Correct path settings detection.
Simplified Chinese, added translation.
Added translation, German
Added translation, Russian
Corrected column length in Russian dashboard.
Enabling/Disabled & Priority Disabled for bin, r6 and engine folder modifications.
Choose a game file rather than a folder.
Removal of libraries of WindowsAPICodePack.
The language list is dynamic now.
Changed the category lists to the list of all modification files.
Fixed the problem of miscataloging mods in the folders 'mods' and 'dlc.'
Priority deleted for bin, r6 and engine folder modifications.
A lit, a bit, a tiny tiny smaller Dashboard titles.
Further bugs have been added to fix later.

The structure of the changes saved is not compatible with the previous version. Fixed problem of incorrect cataloging of mods in the folders 'mods' and 'dlc'.
Updates for 1.1.7656-beta:
- The game is properly launched by the manager- Optional arguments to the exe file- Copying files to directories has been improved- Ignoring the extra comma in modmanager.json files- Separation of plugins name into directory and name

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Latest Version 1.1.7674-beta
Game Cyberpunk 2077
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