Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Manager 1.1.7674-beta

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3 years ago
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latest Version 1.1.7674-beta 3 years ago
Updates for 1.1.7674-beta:
Windows.Forms library for directory selection is included
Added the ability to select a custom backup path
Translations update
New settings fields have been added - (bool)_custombackup and (string)_custombackuppath
Added more bugs to fix later

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Version: 1.1.7674-beta
Updated: 3 years ago
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Latest Version 1.1.7674-beta
Game Cyberpunk 2077
Category Tools
Game Version 1.06
Tags Modding Tools
Downloads 3110
Created 3 years ago
Last Updated 3 years ago
Last Virus Scan 0/88
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Carl Maxwell (Guest)
3 months ago

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Marie Queen (Guest)
1 year ago
Same here
Konrad (Guest)
3 years ago
Keep getting error when trying to run .exe saying I need to install .NET. Already done it, and still get this same error when trying to open it.

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