Mercedes Benz AMG GT63s E-PERFOMANCE 1.46

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1 month ago


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Latest Version 1.46
Game ETS 2
Category Cars & Bus
Game Version 1.46.x
Downloads 2299
Created 1 month ago


uzi (Guest)
1 month ago

Now there are problems that I found.

1. the model of the car is weird…(maybe the model crashed insid of the game) this is the modders job to fix.

2. the turn signal light doesn’t appear in the dashboard UI (maybe this also crashed too)

3. there is a person in the car, (it scares the f out of me) this needs to be removed

thats all, enjoy

ps. btw Thank you for adding the cc system in the dashboard UI It’s the only funtional UI of all car mods. I really appreciated what you did for that.

uzi (Guest)
1 month ago

after completing the previous steps there are some problemsevery letter or text in the game was not visable. So I am thinking it’s the problem of the Font files.(I think they crashed som how, but the game is still playable without every context.)

This is how you solve the problem

1. open [mercedez_benz_AMG_gt63_E_performance_by_DN_modding.scs] file

2. in the [mercedez_benz_AMG_gt63_E_performance_by_DN_modding.scs] file, you will see the [font] file, **ERASE THAT FILE**

then play it in the game, you will be able to see every context in the game.

uzi (Guest)
1 month ago

for users who are willing to use this mod, who are out of patient..

this scs file is editable but I won’t re-upload or re-distribute or anything that the original modder would not like.

but I will give you some tips, and beside the tips I will inform you some problems of this mod using in 1.46 ver.

**use [Bandizip] or [7z] to open and edit the [XXXX.scs] files**1. open [mercedez_benz_AMG_gt63_E_performance_by_DN_modding.scs] file2. open [manifest.sii] file3. after opening the [manifest.sii] filefix=> # Package version can be any string with any length.package_version: “1.44”to=> # Package version can be any string with any length.package_version: “1.46”4. save [manifest.sii] file

this 1,2,3 4 will allow you to open in 1.46 ver of [ETS2], or [ATS]

gökhan (Guest)
1 month ago

Is this mod problematic?

Name (Guest)
1 month ago

Mod from 24.07.2021

For version 1.44

Upload by pidor

T (Guest)
1 month ago

this is not a turkey kiddy  car simulator.....


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