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EAA Truck map v5.0.5 (1.32)

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uploaded 2018-11-10 16:34:18, by mods82


Truck version of EAA module.
It is territorially identical to Normal, cargoes "to the truck box" and ghost trailers for tandems, Mercedes 1634, Volkswagen Titan, various technical changes and additions for cargo transportation have been added. Many new nice skins for trailers.
You can connect to the EAA Normal profile, just complete the delivery - there will be a recalculation of the economy.

Changes in 5.0.5
- 3 New Cities
Santa Maria de Jetibá-ES (real standard)
Cariacica - ES
Santo Antonio de Jesus - BA (real standard)
- 2 New Roads
From Cariacica to Santa Maria de Jetibá
From Santa Maria de Jetibá to Afonso Cláudio

- Refurbished the entire area from Great Victoria to realistic standard
(accesses from 262 to 101, access to Vila Velha, Bus and Rodoviária region, Airport area, 3rd Bridge)
- Refurbished much of the BR-101 in the south of Bahia
(improvement of signaling, change of vegetation, smoothing of curves, rises, enlargement of lines)
- Refurbished the city of Arroio do Sul (real standard)
- Improvements in BR-101 SOUTH of the Holy Spirit
- Improvements in BR-101 Norte do Espirito Santo (to the city of Linhares)
- New improvements in the area of Santos made by Rodrigo
- New access viaduct to Criciuma (end of level crossing)
- Withdrawal boxes in the maneuvering area of dozens of companies (note that some companies have boxes attached to prefab and can not be taken out, other companies were not created by SCS with enough space for long comps, so play with own trailer of bitrens, tritrens and other trains in these older prefabs can be a problem and not a bug on the map), play at your own risk.
- Correction of dozens of plates along the map
- Bug fixes


Link 1: Map
Link 2: Base

EAA Team


EAA Truck map v5.0.5 (1.32), 1 photoEAA Truck map v5.0.5 (1.32), 2 photoEAA Truck map v5.0.5 (1.32), 3 photoEAA Truck map v5.0.5 (1.32), 4 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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