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Fikcyjny Region 1:1 v0.1 BETA

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uploaded 2020-08-01 20:43:08, by mods82


Map of Poland in the scale of 1: 1 focusing (so far) on the area of the Kalisz poviat.

WARNING! Holes may appear in some places on the map. They will be patched in version 0.1. The map is 90 percent complete.

To play on the map, you need to create a new profile and then select the polska.mbd game module (it can be selected only when the Fikcyjny Region map file is selected in the modification manager). The instruction is similar to the one for the Fikcyjna Polska map.

All map DLCs are required.

The map also includes Michałów, Witoldów, Kamień, Morawin and the pseudo-ferry to Bydgoszcz. You can deliver loads to them, but I do not recommend going there, because these areas are not finished yet.

Version: 1.37 / 1.38



Fikcyjny Region 1:1 v0.1 BETA, 1 photoFikcyjny Region 1:1 v0.1 BETA, 2 photoFikcyjny Region 1:1 v0.1 BETA, 3 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (3)

2020-08-01 21:55:08 Maxx (Guest)
Hi Can You Post The Map of harsh russia siberia r18 The new Version And Romania map by alexandru v0.3 plz
2020-08-03 00:31:10 TOKE171 (Guest)
video -
2020-08-03 14:08:42 Iulian (Guest)

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