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Map Harsh Russian Siberia r5 1.36

Category:  Euro Truck Simulator 2 » Maps
Uploaded by:  uploaded by mods82
Date:  2020-04-02 02:30:11
Downloads:  948 downloads
Size:  File Size: 6.0 GB
Comments:  5 comments
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5/5, 1 vote

Map Harsh Russia Siberia R5.
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Map descriptions! From the official gob sites taken!
This card is intended for a certain type of people who are not afraid of masochism, who have strong nerves, for those who like simulations, and not arcade games, if in doubt, go ahead.
It’s a pleasure to expect from the card - NO this will not happen, I’m saying right away, after a long flight you won’t feel relaxed, rested, you can quarrel with your family because of nerves ... So decide immediately, you need it !!! You doubt it is better to pass by.

The archive has 14 files
Required to Run 7
S.R. Siberia r5 1.36 LOCK original.scs
S.R. Siberia r5 1.36 MAP.scs
S.R. Siberia r5 1.36 MAP2.scs
S.R. Siberia r5 1.36 MAP3.scs
S.R. Siberia r5 1.36 MAP4.scs
S.R. Siberia r5 1.36 MAP5.scs
S.R. Siberia r5 1.36 MAP6.scs
S.R. Siberia r5 1.36 MAP7.scs
Optional for winter card
Winter S.R. Siberia r5 MAP1 .scs
Winter S.R. Siberia r5 MAP2.scs
frosty_7_2_MF_1feee r5 sibir.scs winter mod
Ice. Siberia r3.scs imitation of ice
early_autumn_v5_9 r5 sibir.scs autumn mod
SR Siberia r5 1.36 TANDEM.scs adds tandem transportation
SR Siberia r5 1.36 MAIL.scs skins Russian post



Map Harsh Russian Siberia r5 1.36, 1 photoMap Harsh Russian Siberia r5 1.36, 2 photoMap Harsh Russian Siberia r5 1.36, 3 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (5)

2020-04-02 14:58:22 El Eter (Guest)
Gracias Mister Goba si es como las verciones del 2015/6 me diverti mucho con dicho mapa ,en 2 meses logre completarlo en mi c**** de Y T : jaun Salvo hay un par de videos del mismo. Thank you Mister Goba if it's like the 2015/6 verciones I had a lot of fun with that map, in 2 months I managed to complete it on my Y T channel: jaun Salvo there are a couple of videos of it
2020-04-02 15:05:30 El Eter (Guest)
Thank you Mister Goba part of the old map
2020-04-03 14:40:47 Rest (Guest)
It isn´t working
2020-04-06 13:13:26 Luki38 (Guest)
Mi mapa działa tylko bardzo wolno czas płynie jadąc z dostawą a mam pytanie czemu ciężarówka jedziesz szybko cały czas muszę zwalniać
2020-04-12 19:14:13 XTREME (Guest)
not working, please post a tutorial. tested on v1.36

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