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Mario Map 12.2 compatible with DLC France (1.26)

Rating: 4/5, based on 106 votes
uploaded 2017-01-17 17:26:00, by mods82

Mario Map12.2 compatible with DLC France

Unpack the archive, scs files into a folder, add mod

To install the files in the manager from the bottom to the top 01-10

To install the files in the manager according to the screenshot

Map tested on version 1.26 + DLC France

Map does not work without DLC - Vive la France!

Need download all 3 parts for correct work

Author Mario1961

uploaded by mods82
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Comments (51)

2017-01-17 19:31:26 HC1952
i downloaded the map nr's 9 and 11 are missing i can make a profile and ta hen wwhen i want to start its trying to load and the game crashes This is the3th version of this map i tryed and none of them are working noth even the one for ats i realy want to play this maps so i hope someone can fix it because i'm tired of dowloading and trying and in the end not playing
2017-01-17 20:35:22 mods82
Number 11 this ATS truck pack! Number 9 weather mod from Therm99!! Map working without this mods!! I am tested this map before upload.
2017-01-18 01:59:31 SMWC (Guest)
bien... El primer mapa que me funciona si ser TSM .. Pero las 3 partes solo incluyen 10 partes de mapa.. Las otras? Es decir incluye. p1-p2-p3-p4-p5-p6-p7-p8-p10-p12 Y la imagen de muestra el orden muestra mas de 12 partes
2017-01-18 04:19:39 HC1952
@mods82 where can i find this weathermod or can you give me a link please
2017-01-18 08:39:57 mods82
@HC1952 IWR weather mod in archive with map. What else you need a weathe mod?
2017-01-18 14:47:42 HC1952
@mods82 Thank you I did now that there is a weather mod already i downloaded all the parts end unzipped them than i put them in modfolder after this i made a profile and put all the parts in i tryed to play it loaded and wen its supoosed to start with first job then the game crashed i have been trying hole night that means about 8 hours and still can not play sins this is the 3th version with the same problem i'm tired off it and deleted the map thanks anyway that you tryed to help me
2017-01-18 16:51:18 Waymor (Guest)
mods82<<<I see you take care with big effort`s to make the people satisfaction, you getting better, keep it up and bring more good mods. I wish you a good day, Waymor
2017-01-18 17:22:26 VAJNACH (Guest)
po spustení nejde načítať škoda času !!!!!!!
2017-01-18 18:20:33 Z (Guest)
Všechno funguje jak má, s ničím nebyl problém. Everything is working fine as it should, no problems.
2017-01-18 19:44:33 Zeeuw (Guest)
I have version 12.1 with update 12.1 and no problems.
2017-01-18 20:09:41 Larz (Guest)
I've tried this map on 1.26.2s version and it works! First you have to create profile without mods, choose start city, make first delivery and after that you can add all mods from 1 to 12 like in the last photo. Map doesn't work perfect, for me with my 4GB ram it takes very long first loadings up to 15 minutes, but than it works OK. Only in some places map freezes, exactly on Cuba, don't know why In Slovak :) Vajnach daj koment, ak to mám napísať po slovensky
2017-01-19 00:18:40 john (Guest)
hi everyone out der the mario map 12.2 works fine start new profile have it in this order in mod manager 12-1 except number 5 have it at the bottom of mod manager cause it causes game to crash when clicking on profile in the menu when having it like 12-1 so have it 12-1-5 when starting game complete the first job then add maps or other maps pj 2.0 works fine with it and the island map as well
2017-01-19 11:38:35 Vajnach (Guest)
Larz dobre si to napísal skúsim to ešte raz
2017-01-19 13:38:14 Vajnach (Guest)
funguje to vyborna praca
2017-01-19 17:25:51 tunning6000
terribly long is loading, it is almost 10 min
2017-01-20 20:30:38 Sav-naz (Guest)
The gamekeep crashesmng at the freight market..:(please any help???
2017-01-20 20:32:55 Sav-naz (Guest)
The game keep crashing at the freight market..:( please any help???
2017-01-21 04:56:33 Sebastian (Guest)
Hago una consulta. Cuando llego a las partes que no son originales del ETS2 se cierra el simulador. Y ademas tarda mucho tiempo en cargar cuando se inicia el ETS2 "mas de 15 minutos". ¿Que puede ser? Saludos. I make an appointment. When it reaches the parts that are not original of the ETS2 the simulator closes. And it also takes a long time to load when the ETS2 starts "more than 15 minutes". What can it be? Thanks.
2017-01-21 09:25:06 mods82
@Sebastian @tunning6000 Hello, It increases the size of the map, and increase the system requirements of the game with each version, so the longer the loading.
2017-01-21 13:37:12 Ash99 (Guest)
Hi,mod82 Thanks for your you have any idea why the game keep crashing when you want to start a delivery even with a new profile??? Greetings and thanks again.
2017-01-21 14:33:52 erorrko (Guest)
Hi, mods82 it is working but when i arrive to Moscow the game crash can you fix it ??
2017-01-21 14:42:02 mods82
Hi, Ash99 Other mods are enabled? Possible conflict with any mod.
2017-01-21 16:29:50 Ash99 (Guest)
Possible but in my case i activated just mario from 1 to 12,in my opinion the map is huge and when it takes up than 15 minutes it crashes because it need a computer with a high quality to work well thats what i figured out after runing the game over and over and seeing some testing videos,anyway the map is really good and complete with so many countries unfortunetly for those who cannot play it...thanks and keep going ;)
2017-01-22 04:26:44 chrisb
The map works, although a couple of the files are not listed in the download. However as it is I have it running well. I assume perhaps the missing files are no longer needed, but I'm not sure. Some of the roads have rather shiny surfaces for some reason. It only seems to be a few at the moment, but they do seem to have something wrong with them. That said, its a huge map and will take a long time to travel each road, which I'm looking forward to doing... If I live that long.. ;)
2017-01-22 09:26:09 mods82
Hi, erorrko, Where is it happening? Can not have enough RAM.
2017-01-22 13:01:22 erorrko (Guest)
mods82, its happening when i arrive to Moscow .... I try going to Moscow by another way but it still crash ... I have 8 GB RAM and I dont have activated another mods
2017-01-22 16:42:28 Fox989 (Guest)
Hi,mod82 Does the map requires enough RAM to work fine?and how much it needs??
2017-01-22 17:51:31 mods82
Hi, Fox989, Minimum 4 -6 GB
2017-01-23 19:32:51 Dennis [GER] (Guest)
Mods82 you know that is illegal to upload the mario map. i have it reported to the facebook group they have the original map and i reported you for illegal uploading.
2017-01-24 23:35:45 Ghost88 (Guest)
Why can't I not rest , the map is great but impossible to rest !
2017-01-28 09:05:20 zey (Guest)
Hi can't see the maps, still my maps in vive la france appear. what should be the problem? i loaded all the 3parts maps. thanks
2017-01-28 11:03:05 mods82
@zey Extract them, put in the mod folder and enabled to manager as shown in the screenshot
2017-02-02 22:55:18 pireas2014 (Guest)
15 mins to load .. and then after i did crashed on a car and i wanted to re-load the saved game it took another 15 mins ..sorry we dont have the time for such stupid mods
2017-02-08 12:00:41 digitalwavee
Hey !!! Mod working fine but loading it's a very long time over 15 minutes every time , and when i'm going from Gdynia to Helsinki (FIN) at Ferry game crashes i don't know why , any fixes or something ? Map is a very big and amazing but still have crashes and this mod isn't compatible with promods.
2017-02-11 19:54:38 hacoor (Guest)
not goooooooooooooooooooooooooood and baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
2017-02-14 00:13:52 Lester09 (Guest)
How do you change the way the map looks like the one where u see where u are
2017-02-19 09:20:34 Dennis [GER] (Guest)
Mod si stolen from original author.
2017-02-24 15:29:09 Allfather (Guest)
Soeey but game crashes...... and missin part 9 and 11, i have tried no more mods, but it doesnt work.... :( please fix it
2017-02-24 15:44:30 Giovanny (Guest)
Ok, maybe doesnt work because i dont have vive la france DLC, it is possible to find a version that do not needs that dlc??
2017-02-24 22:55:34 i (Guest)
2017-02-28 08:17:00 mods82
@Giovanny This Not required DLC France[1.26.x].html
2017-03-06 19:49:49 jakub (Guest)
nemužu najít ten weather mod abych rozjel mapy a doplnil číslo 9, nemuže sem někdo hodit odkaz na ně? dík
2017-03-06 20:41:42 mods82
@jakub Number 9 weather mod from Therm99! It is not necessary!
2017-03-28 01:30:19 זאינען י
Why you stoling maps. For example map of Egypt is made by Rutynail666 and he not gave you permissions to do it. Shame on you.
2017-04-02 04:57:48 r2d2 (Guest)
Charles de Gaulle - Airport is Blocked! Can't Access Ship/Airplane Area!
2017-04-07 14:22:27 Lil_Mechlin (Guest)
Good map ... 15 mins loading time (not a big problem).... But facing some errors near Denver .........And I want to know if I can activate any other truck or car mod with this map active? Plz reply and thnkx
2017-04-07 17:53:06 mods82
@ Lil_Mechlin Yes
2017-04-21 04:04:41 viooltje55 (Guest)
I downloaded all 3 files but there are only 6 files in it Mario 1 till 5 and south America where can I find the other files ?
2017-04-24 20:41:31 nospy (Guest)
i got viva la france but the game crashes on loading even when i make a new profile
2017-08-06 06:24:56 leemugg32
Why is there never any map mods for just the base game ??? as not all of us can afford 30 odd quid to by the DLC'S
2017-09-16 20:37:33 Mew (Guest)
Muy Grande

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