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Mario Map v12.2 (1.27)

Rating: 4/5, based on 26 votes
uploaded 2017-03-25 20:23:14, by mods82


The updated map of Mario 12.2 includes Europe, Africa, part of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as South and North America. Includes more than 700 cities, the map is compatible with DLC France (without it does not work), so for the operation of the map you need DLC To the East and DLC Scandinavia
Includes weather mod IWR
Work on optimizing the map has been done.

Connect as indicated in the screenshot

Adapted for 1.27

Need DLC Going East, Scandinavia, Vive la France.
Map tested on version 1.26 + DLC France
Map does not work without DLC - Vive la France!

Need download all 3 parts for correct work.


uploaded by mods82
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Comments (21)

2017-03-26 11:58:41 tunning6000
fucking terrible long is loading,but otherwise good map, good job
2017-03-26 13:29:09 geoffrey0701 (Guest)
3rd link dead
2017-03-26 14:11:57 mods82
2017-03-28 13:16:48 sedat
marıo 1.27 harita oyunda açılmıyor bekliyorum yarıdan sonra kalıyor oyundanda atmıyor neden acaba güzel bir site emğiniz için teşekkürler
2017-03-28 16:34:25 Thomas (Guest)
Loading and fast Move from one to an other Garage takes an edless long also with an high end PC. That´s unpossible for daily usage. It´s a good Map and it makes fun to drive on them but as i said before .................. unuseable for daily usage.
2017-03-29 16:37:17 Angel-Longobardi
3rd link works, thank you for map cant wait to play it :)
2017-03-30 00:22:01 Alain65 (Guest)
Beaucoup trop lourd alors que j'ai un pc très puissant google translate Much too heavy while I have a very powerful pc
2017-04-01 21:20:17 Tornado
2nd link dead
2017-04-01 21:22:14 Tornado
3rd link dead
2017-04-01 21:30:09 Tornado
And 1st link is too dead
2017-04-06 14:49:12 ???? (Guest)
The card has not created the mods82 he has uploaded the stolen and without permission
2017-04-06 20:27:52 wiktor2115 (Guest)
I have a very big problem with the map, after loading the profile I have a craze for help please
2017-04-07 04:16:03 Taylor (Guest)
Map Crashes Game. Please define map better or dont upload.
2017-04-07 05:06:04 MrsTrucky (Guest)
Hi, just bought a legit copy of the game with all dlc, I used older versions of your maps, they would work fine but this one crashes the game for me, and i'm creating a new profile in game so Idk whats wrong :c If I could help it would be lovely :D
2017-04-07 08:30:34 mods82
@wiktor2115 @Taylor @MrsTrucky Need download all 3 parts. Create a new profile, connect only the map files (as shown in the screenshot) load the game (wait, the map is large and can be loaded for a long time) and after downloading the game you can connect other mods one at a time.
2017-04-17 04:47:57 Elocojuli (Guest)
If I do not have the DLC scandinavia I can not play the map?
2017-04-17 11:42:25 sev provt (Guest)
now this is what im talking about, superb map and well coded ,scs should employ you, you are a trucking god !!!
2017-04-17 15:34:14 ? (Guest)
how do i install?
2017-04-18 12:07:37 FENYX
Coll ...
yesterday, 14:26 Thomas (Guest)
Could you also bring up more Life to Austria as you did it in other Countries in the East or in the USA? There are parking Cars, Adboards, Police who is controlling, Construction Areas, People who walk around and much more. In Austria ..................... nothing.
yesterday, 16:38 Howdy (Guest)
Hi Guys, here is a direct Link from Mario_Map_Version 1.27 ...

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