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MHAPro 1.36 for ETS 2 v 1.36

Rating: 3/5, based on 9 votes
uploaded 2019-12-23 14:20:16, by mods82

1. small city La Chapelle (F)
- company DHL
- company concargo
- company agrominta_a
- company train
2. some new roads in La Chapelle (F)
3. fixed signs in Sweden - Sillekrog gas station
4. DLC North - all places are in mess after SCS update 1.35 (roads and terrain)
- overlook roads around Long (SWE)
- overlook roads around Gotene (SWE)
- overlook roads around Stopen (SWE)
- overlook roads around Ullervad (SWE)
- overlook roads around Nas (SWE)
- overlook roads around Linkoping (SWE)
5. overlook roads between those cities in Sweden
6. DLC North
- overlook roads around Gothenburg (SWE)
- overlook roads around Jonkoping (SWE)
- overlook roads around Vaxjo (SWE)
- overlook roads around Kalmar (SWE)
7. overlook roads between those cities in Sweden
8. fixed some new "black holes" on the map
9. DLC North
- overlook roads around Karlskrona (SWE)
- overlook roads from Karlskrona (SWE) to Kalmar (SWE)
10. DLC North
- overlook roads around Sodertajle (SWE)
- overlook roads around Stocholm (SWE)
- overlook roads around Kapellskar (SWE)
- overlook roads around Uppsala (SWE)
11. DLC North
- all roads and terrain between those cities in Sweden - north
12. DLC North
- overlook roads around Vasteras (SWE)
- overlook roads around Malmo (SWE)
- overlook highways and roads in cities and between them
13. fixed problems with truck models and textures all over the map
14. DLC North
- overlook roads around Helsinborg (SWE)
- fixed all roads around Helsinborg (SWE)
- overlook roads around Trelleborg (SWE)
15. DLC North
- overlook roads around Copenhagen (DK)
- overlook roads around Gedser (DK)
- roads between Trellerborg (SWE) to Karlskrona (SWE)
- roads between Trellerborg (SWE) to Copenhagen (DK)
- roads between Copenhagen (DK) to Gedser (DK)
- road between Copenhagen (DK) to Odense (DK)
- road between Kiel (D) to Odense (DK)
- overlook roads around Odense (DK)
- overlook roads around Esbjerg (DK)
- road between Odense (DK) to Kiel (D)
- road between Odense (DK) to Esbjerg (DK)
- road between Esbjerg (DK) to Aalborg (DK)
- road between Esbjerg (DK) to Frederikshavn (DK)
- overlook roads around Frederikshavn (DK)
- overlook roads around Hirtshals (DK)
- road between Frederikshavn (DK) to Hirtshals (DK)
- overlook roads around Aalborg (DK)
- road between Aalborg (DK) to Vejle (DK)
- overlook roads around Vejle (DK)
16. new Rebuilt in 1.36 Beta version
17. fixed movers
18. fixed small problems cause with 1.36 update
19. fixed material/terrain in data
20. Marseile (FR)
- new harbor is in map mod
21. France Island Corsica is in the map MOD
22. Ferry connections fixed
23. city Bonifacio (FR) - Corsica
- new ferry connection to S.Teresa Gallura (IT)
24. new village Santa Teresa Gallura (IT)
- new ferry connection to Bonifacio (FR) - Corsica
- company marina_it
25. Olbia (IT)
- new postion for marina_it company
26. new ferry connection from Porto Torres (IT) to Marseile (FR)
27. new ferry connection from Porto Vecchio (FR) to Napoli (IT)
28. new village Porto Pozzo (IT)
- company marina_it
29. city Bastia (FR)
- whole new part of city to the harbor
30. city Livorno (IT)
- whole new part of city to the harbor
31. new ferry connection from Bastia (FR) to Livorno (IT)
32. new small village Cardedu (IT)
- company dans_ardin
- company cargotras
33. fixed 968 models (bulldozer and wheel loader) almost 4 days work just on that
34. cleaning out duplicate models and signs ... many of them
35. new ferry connection from Lille Rousse (FR) to Marseile (FR)
36. city Olbia (ITA)
- new road connection and port for ferry
37. DLC North
- overlook road E39 from Kristiansand (N) to Stavanger (N)
- fixed all woods around
- overlook Stavanger (N)
- overlok road from Stavanger (N) to Suldalsosen (N)
- overlook Suldalsosen (N)
38. overlook road Suldalsosen (N) to Drammen (N)
39. overlook road Drammen (N) to Amot (N)
- overlook city Amot and all roads around there
40. fixed some 145 movers
41. fixed next 180 movers
42. fixes 10 quarry companies
43. fixed 195 movers today
44. fixed next 243 movers all over the map
45. clean small warnings
46. connected DLC Black see
- point 1 finished after 3 days..
- point 2 finished in 2 days


MsHeavyAlex, Aneya
Models from Bluetruck,satan19990,Jazzycat
Prefab Shopping center from 50keda
Rick's pictures for Billboards in UK
Mini Map-Extension DK18/A18 (old mod) by Sebastian (Updated on last version ETS2)
Nishant with many Prefabs and models
Blinkt (hotel skins)


MHAPro 1.36 for ETS 2 v 1.36, 1 photoMHAPro 1.36 for ETS 2 v 1.36, 2 photoMHAPro 1.36 for ETS 2 v 1.36, 3 photoMHAPro 1.36 for ETS 2 v 1.36, 4 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (7)

2019-12-23 16:20:11 znamky
2019-12-23 19:17:23 mods82
@znamky No password is needed, downloaded three files, copy to the mod folder and connect in the mod manager
2019-12-23 23:30:30 znamky (Guest)
does not go without a password
2019-12-24 16:25:27 Cargotrans (Guest)
Great map, but to many isues, need to bo be fixed.
2019-12-25 22:37:22 y2Juki33 (Guest)
Hey I like your work, but you must have taken the wrong files for upload. ------ No Connection to DLC Black sea: All the roads from Hungary to Romania are missing (... 46. connected DLC Black see ... ). I tested this with all DLC and no other mods and new Profil. Did use the 3 parts of MHAPro_1_36_map_MOD_for_ETS2_v1_36_xFREE.scs Did check these files from 3 different Download Ets2 pages - but they are all identical. So problem seams to be as mentioned. Hope this helps you Pro Happy Christmas
2019-12-26 04:14:46 Trucky (Guest)
Have all files but will not load , just goes on n on. Waited 6mins , nothing. Redownloaded n tried agin nope.
2020-02-02 17:53:08 patrik (Guest)
do i must downlaod all files so it work

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