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TruckSim Map 6.5 + addons

Rating: 4/5, based on 39 votes
uploaded 2016-12-27 20:10:00, by mods82

Changes in version 6.5 compared to the previous version:

Adaptation to version 1.26.x
Various bug fixes

Test version 1.26

Download all 3 parts for correct work!

TSM Team


TruckSim Map 6.5 + addons, 1 photoTruckSim Map 6.5 + addons, 2 photoTruckSim Map 6.5 + addons, 3 photoTruckSim Map 6.5 + addons, 4 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (22)

2016-12-28 04:25:59 Dado-J
This is not the original TSM folder. On taking writes TSM map 6.5 beta, a map of the 6.3 and still has non-existent files: 00: 03: 56.020: <ERROR> [model] Unknown look at me 'aral' on the model '/prefab/gas_small_road/gasstation_small_road.pmd' 00: 03: 56,257 <ERROR> [model] Unknown look at me 'aral' on the model '/prefab/gas_small_road/gasstation_small_road.pmd' 00: 04: 04,473 <ERROR> [fs] Failed to open file "/model/lamp/quarry_lamp_single_2.pmd" and the read_only fashion 00: 04: 04,473 <ERROR> [resource_task] Can not open '/model/lamp/quarry_lamp_single_2.pmd' 00: 04: 04,494 <ERROR> [model] Model descriptor '/model/lamp/quarry_lamp_single_2.pmd' is malformed. 00: 04: 04,495 <ERROR> [fs] Failed to open file "/model/lamp/quarry_lamp_single_2.pmg" and the read_only fashion 00: 04: 04,495 <ERROR> [resource_task] Can not open '/model/lamp/quarry_lamp_single_2.pmg' 00: 04: 04,525 <ERROR> [model] Model geometry '/model/lamp/quarry_lamp_single_2.pmg' is malformed. 00: 04: 04,526 <ERROR> [fs] Failed to open file "/model/lamp/quarry_lamp_single_2.pmd" and the read_only fashion 00: 04: 04,526 <ERROR> [d] failed to open '/model/lamp/quarry_lamp_single_2.pmd. This map is not working TSM team, because on their website still standing warning that their map does not work on version 1.26. Someone again played sick monkeys and selling us false things. Please Administrator and "mods82" to the future care of what they put on the download.
2016-12-28 05:47:06 john (Guest)
when i tried to add open spaces map 3.3 with rusmap 1.7.2 with tsm did it one by one the game crashed when i try to go back into the profile section but running the map on its own and with rusmap 1.7.2 it works no problem
2016-12-28 07:15:49 Max (Guest)
Crash when enter quick job.
2016-12-28 09:01:30 gulab jan (Guest)
i want map pakistan
2016-12-28 10:18:43 mods82
This map public beta, located in forum official site Need DLC Frace
2016-12-28 10:21:31 mods82
Map tested with DLC France and works
2016-12-28 12:02:02 Dado-J
Mods82, if so how do you say, then someone on that page Forum fraudster, because I was on the official site of TSM and their'm contributor and tester and nobody gets released beta version of the map. This is pure fraud by those who want to downplay the map TSM, which is for me the most comprehensive of all, even of SCS original maps. Maybe someone from their team to do it, because it took them three years to insert part of folders for France in a game, TSM has a third of the Earth's kugle.Da not to mention that the SCS does not the whole of Europe.
2016-12-28 16:14:56 mods82
@Dado-J And what's that? Bad looked, I wrote a forum!
2016-12-28 16:17:17 Guest (Guest)
Trucksim Map 6.5 PB 0.1 allabouttrucksim - Montag, 13:43 - TruckSim Map - Ankündigungen Neu Liebe Truckerfreunde, bereits seit einiger Zeit ist nun das DLC Frankreich von SCS veröffentlicht, genauer 21 Tage. In dieser Zeit haben wir uns durch verschiedenste Probleme und Widrigkeiten gekämpft um unsere Map für den Patch 1.26.x sowie das DLC anzupassen. Nun haben wir es endlich geschafft die Map ohne größere Fehler spielbar zu machen. Kleinere Anpassungen stehen noch aus, diese beeinträchtigen die Fahrbarkeit unserer Map jedoch nicht. Aus diesem Grund haben wir uns dafür entschieden euch die Map im aktuellen Zustand bereits vor der entgültigen Vollendung zur Verfügung zu stellen, um euch nicht länger als unbedingt nötig warten zu lassen. Wir weisen jedoch nochmals daraufhin, dass es sich hierbei um eine Beta Version der Karte handelt, die zwar grob getestet und bis auf kleine Fehler für gut befunden wurde, jedoch nicht die endgültige TSM 6.5 repräsentiert! Original SCS Forum
2016-12-28 19:16:17 Jonny (Guest)
This is version 6.3, not working on ETS 1.26, crash all times
2016-12-30 08:54:43 George(Guest) (Guest)
I agree. This is version 6.3, not working on ETS 1.26, crash all times
2016-12-31 01:23:42 john (Guest)
hey guys try putting in this order map, models, then the rest i also found using rusmap 1.7.1 with open spaces does work but dont put it together seperate it with tsm map bit of space
2016-12-31 02:50:34 Dado-J
Notice to all users, TSM maps located at this location: With this has not even once gave no addons. Thanks to all of you.
2016-12-31 19:14:17 TSM fan (Guest)
mods82, alias mods_ats, losevo58, groningen263.... YOU'RE A THIEF AND A LIAR!!!!! BURN IN THE HELL!!!!!!
2017-01-01 04:12:17 Ranger66 (Guest)
Fake as hell.
2017-01-01 20:41:27 Lordi05 (Guest)
There is no Albania Tunis in this Beta version I got them from the official Site of TSM and i can tell you Iff there is Tunis inside than its a Fake Dont download it It will Crash your game and your system
2017-01-05 22:16:25 panos (Guest)
2017-01-09 23:35:25 kerim (Guest)
2017-01-12 03:44:45 SMWC (Guest)
Bug en la carretera AP-1 entre las ciudades Bilbao y Bordeaux La carretera esta bloqueada.. No se puede pasar como si hubiera una barrera no visible
2017-02-05 22:29:48 pepito (Guest)
Links are broken, the download page says File not found...
2017-03-13 05:21:28 Kyle (Guest)
The files cannot be found. Error! F--k you! Mods for ETS2 don't ever work!
2017-05-06 00:02:30 Grandpa (Guest)
It should be for 1.27 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIT

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