D.B Creation's "AI Traffic Mod" for ETS 2 2024

3 years ago

Latest Update

latest Version 2024 · ETS 2 1.49.x 2 months ago
- Comaptible now with 1.49
- A lot of new Content (Vehicles, Assets, Textures)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mod comaptible with ProMods ?
Where is the Load Order of the Mods ?
Is the Mod comaptible with other Traffic Mods ?

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Version: 2024
Updated: 2 months ago
D.B_Creation_Traffic_Intensity_Pack.zip external download · added 2 months ago

About Mod

Latest Version 2024
Game ETS 2
Category Other
Game Version 1.49.x
Downloads 13578
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Created 3 years ago
Last Updated 2 months ago


Conair (Guest)
2 years ago
sehr schlechter Mod. ■ zu viele Autos, auch in der Nacht ■ ständig knallt dir einer hinten rein ohne einen Fehler ■ fahrzeuge bleiben auf der Autobahn einfach stehen Ihr solltet euch mal gendanken machen über diesen Mod. Er ist wirklich übel schlecht.
Ben (Guest)
2 years ago
Agree, these guys just don't get the fact this is a game, there should be a balance between realism and enjoyment, otherwise we might as well get in our real cars and go sit in freaking traffic for 3 hours...
2 months ago

@Ben This is a simulator not a game, but people get this kind of thing mixed up. If you really want to get into your car, and go drive do so. This is meant to be a truck simulator, with emphasis on driving, not really on anything else.  A simulator is something as close to real life as possible and with mods pushing those boundaries all of the time, it only means things are getting better. Besides why are you downloading this mod, and then whining about how it behaves? That is pure madness. The one thing that we have needed and continue to need is an AI that understands real traffic behavior and applies it to a simulator like this.  Traffic AI make or completely breaks a simulator. If you don't like the way a mod behaves then use your console and change what you want stuff to do, this is why I can't comprehend when people download mods, they know they won't like....then forget they can turn the mod off, or modify it in the console.

Rob (Guest)
2 years ago
Too much cars, there should be at most half the number of cars that are now.

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