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LS Wheel Pack v0.8 1.36

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uploaded 2020-01-07 12:54:52, by mods82

Change Log: 0.8
- Fixed tyres materials
- Fixed some User Interface images
- Added new steel wheels
- Added Italspeed 22.5 Mod.SAE (Oldschool Speedline)
- Re-worked Italspeed 22.5 GT1
- Added Scania 5 Series Hubs


  • Wheel Model:

  • ItalSpeed GT 1 - Re-Made better 3D and new variants.

  • ItalSpeed Mod SAE - NEW Oldschool Speedline.

  • Alcoa LvL ONE - 3 rear and front variants with plus 4 variants: Standard, polished, urban dirt and dust.

  • Steel 22.5x8.25 - Re-Made

  • Alcoa Ultra ONE - 2 rear and front variants: Standard, polished.

  • Hubs:

  • Scania 5 series front hubs with variants.

  • Rear Scania 5 series hubs with variants.

  • DAF front and rear hubs with some variants .

  • Auxiliary Hub with variants.

  • Tyres:

  • Good Year Max Fuel LHS and LHD.With 4 variants: Standard, polished, urban dirt and dust.



LS Wheel Pack v0.8  1.36, 1 photoLS Wheel Pack v0.8  1.36, 2 photoLS Wheel Pack v0.8  1.36, 3 photoLS Wheel Pack v0.8  1.36, 4 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (2)

2020-01-07 17:42:14 El Eter (Guest)
Esto es espectacular, es un trabajo excelente,e dejado las fotos del mismo en mi perfil de STEAM Aquellos IDIOTAS que votan en contra solo son envidiosos This is spectacular, it's an excellent job, and left the photos of it on my STEAM profile Those IDIOTS who vote against are just envious
2020-01-07 17:56:38 El Eter (Guest)
video de mi prefencia con volvo

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