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Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v 4.0 (1.31)

Rating: 4/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2018-06-22 17:19:21, by mods82

It's compatible with 1.31.

Version 4.0
consists now of 435 standalone trailers of 421 companies with adequate cargos.

- 30 new trailer types
- 3 old trailers removed
- 4 old trailers reworked
- some small bugs repaired
- list of trailer-companies, remarked Fictious/Real

Basics are SCS trailers 'KRONE ProfiLiner', 'CoolLiner', 'Fridge', 'Fuel-, 'Cement-' and 'Food-Cistern', Rommi TZ Schmitz, MD-Modding Container and Fridge1, Matdom1988 Fridge und Fuel-Cistern, Fruehauf IceLiner from Niksari Elitesquad Modz and Fuel-Tank by Fred_be.
Special thanks to KaLeu57, Brausetablette, Fr8i, sunrise, RudiRR, Reefer, joberam and many others out of the communities for their know-how support and their suggestions!
Edited with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and ETS2 Studio.


Penguins Trailer and CargoPack v 4.0 (1.31), 1 photoPenguins Trailer and CargoPack v 4.0 (1.31), 2 photoPenguins Trailer and CargoPack v 4.0 (1.31), 3 photoPenguins Trailer and CargoPack v 4.0 (1.31), 4 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (5)

2018-06-22 18:39:37 Rocky (Guest)
mit Kabels ??
2018-06-22 20:55:32 Rocky (Guest)
und der archiv ist beschädigt
2018-06-22 23:06:33 Michael (Guest)
Hallo Penguin, vielen Dank für dein Trailer und Cargo Pack v4.0, aber ich finde es sehr schade, das die Kabelverbindungen noch nicht dabei sind und ich würde mich sehr darüber freuen, wenn sie bald Einzug erhalten. Viele Grüße, Michael Hello Penguin, Thank you for your trailer and Cargo Pack v4.0, but I think it's a shame that the cable connections are not there yet and I would be very happy if they get soon entry. Best regards, Michael
2018-06-23 13:15:54 Gerd (Guest)
Archiv kaputt
2018-06-23 23:40:57 Michael (Guest)
Das Archiv ist nicht kaputt und ihr musst beide parts downloaden und dann erst entpacken. Siehe Screenshot: Viele Grüße, Michael

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