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1706 downloads 3 comments

Freightliner Argosy TF4 (Galvatron) 1.35 & Higher

Rating: 3/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2020-01-02 15:00:00, by mods82

1 Cabin
1 Chassis
Own wheels (14 types)
Own sounds (2 options)
Steering wheel adjustment
Cable Support

Fabio Contier



Freightliner Argosy TF4 (Galvatron) 1.35 & Higher, 1 photoFreightliner Argosy TF4 (Galvatron) 1.35 & Higher, 2 photoFreightliner Argosy TF4 (Galvatron) 1.35 & Higher, 3 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (3)

2020-01-02 20:54:27 freeman84
you came barking son of bitch
2020-01-02 21:13:44 isaac david (Guest)
freeman84@ he is a dirty russian thief
2020-01-22 05:00:39 Esoteric_Desi
This is a stolen Mod from one of the best bus/truck mods maker for ETS2 community... Fabio Contier... Don't download it from here, go to FabioContier.Com to get the real version....Shameful thief stole it......

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