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Ural Next 1.35 Update

Rating: 4/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2019-09-01 17:04:14, by vasja555

Buy in Volvo and online in custom mods dealer.

Updates in 1.35:
- Reworked trailer cables.
- Fixed wipers (wash away rain again).
- Fixed Company jobs
- Added standard Licence plates.
- Added some custom hanging and seat toys and custom glass sets.
- Reworked tire set: two types now - offroad original ones and additional smaller ones.  

Note: Before enabling this mod sell old Ural Next and disable it from mod manager.

Russian_Dalnoboy, Denis Parhomenko; 1.35.x update by vasja555

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uploaded by vasja555
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Comments (2)

2019-10-01 18:11:18 George (Guest)
This truck is as simple as a rock, and still you guys cant even fix reflection issues and remove obsolete attributes.... and ACTUALLY UPDATE IT to 1.35? sad, really sad. Stop ruining the modding community, sigh.
2019-11-05 03:21:22 Peyence
This truck is as simple as a rock, and I really thank Vasj555 for this UPDATE to 1.35 Wish this truck will be update to 1.36, 1.37, 1.38 etc...! If one day you stop update for this Ural Next, allowed me to do it !

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