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Volvo VNL Truck Shop v1.4+ (BSA Revision) for ETS2 v1.35 or higher

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uploaded 2019-07-14 08:41:35, by blacksitearea

Volvo VNL 300, 430, 630, 670, 730, 780, VT 830, 880


- 8 cabins
- 5 chassis
- Its own tuning.
- Volvo dealers, mod dealers.
- Painting support, including metallic.
- Advanced Coupling System support.
- Trailer cables support.
- DLC Steering Creations Pack included.
- Warning flags and front banner included.
- Horns included.

Mod author: BigBob, SCS
Adaptation for ATS: chashkin23
Tuning and improvements of the model: Andrew Chashkin. (chashkin23)
Sounds: Kriechbaum, odd_fellow, SCS
Onboard computer: piva
& some others.

Special thanks to everyone who helped me to master ZModeler and 3DS MAX, as well as to those who assisted me with the creation of the mod: Vladislav Krankel-Varter, Denis Zobnin (DANZ), Dmitry Muhanov (Stels).


BSA Junk Yard Revision notes:

- Based on Volvo VNL Truck Shop version 1.4+ for ATS v1.32. Adapted for ETS2;

- Updated: up to ETS2 v1.35.1.13;

- Fixed: multiple fixes and corrections, DX11 adaptation;

- Added: trailer cables, warning flags, front banners for all the bumpers, VT830 cabin, 8x4 chassis for VT830 cabin, some accessories for this chassis, horns, VNL630 (two variants of) to AI truck traffic, DLC Steering Creations Pack, absent and necessary files for the mod to work properly with ETS2, added to UK Volvo dealership and to UK companies' quick jobs;

- Revised: trucks' and some accessories' models and files;

- Changed: some changes for the truck model and for some accessories' models, added collision for headache racks;

- Deleted: some useless files.

All the works on optimization of the models, just as on new features for the trucks had been planned for autumn/fall of 2019, this release is just update to meet requirements of the new versions of the SCS Software games.

Credits: blacksitearea

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uploaded by blacksitearea
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Comments (2)

2019-07-16 01:01:10 blacksitearea
Now I see that was my mistake to give this mod to ETS2, because with ATS FPS is higher and more stable, and the trucks are driven and look better. That was wasted time to fight against ETS2 game old school development.
2019-07-19 01:50:42 Raymondduran (Guest)
Good mod, when would you do it for ats 1.35, we need more volvo's at ats, thanks

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