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Canadian Prairies Map v 5.2 SoilMod

Rating: 5/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2016-04-15 11:20:08, by renebqc

Canadian Prairies V5.2 SoilMod.

- Removed trees hanging up.
- All pre-cultivated fields are free now.
- Included animal transport vehicule and trailer for those having problems.
- SoilMod-Reference-Sheet-v1-0 included
- Do not copy to your mods folder if you do not want to use soilmod.
- Sorry if it took so long, but my power supply gave up and it took some time to replace it.

Thank you for your patience.



Canadian Prairies Map v 5.2 SoilMod, 1 photo

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (8)

2016-04-15 15:54:31 puddles77
thanks for the update i really like this map.thanks for sharing
2016-04-15 15:56:09 puddles77
the file wont open
2016-04-15 16:07:45 puddles77
got it it didnt down load all the way
2016-04-15 19:16:32 jay (Guest)
does the sawmill work in this one the others don't
2016-04-16 01:37:42 renebqc
I tested the sawmill without problems, load with lumber at the front (2 bay) and with woodchips at the back at both locations, collect pallets at the front and back. You can use collected woodchips from the sawmill and use it again for fuel.
2016-04-16 01:47:05 renebqc
forgive me jay I was on the wrong map. The sawmill was removed from at version 5 to allow you to place a mod of your choice at the old sawmill location and use the forest already in place.
2016-04-16 01:50:17 renebqc
For those in need of a sawmill there is still one in the ultimate version. I just uploaded version 2.2 today.
2016-04-19 16:34:32 rsfocus29
these maps wont upload to a online server i have the log file if this helps also

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