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Large Trailer

Category:  Farming Simulator 2015 » Trailers
Uploaded by:  uploaded by The-Gamer
Date:  2015-10-12 04:33:34
Downloads:  15024 downloads
Size:  File Size: 14.27 MB
Comments:  8 comments
Rating:   Rating:
4/5, 40 votes

It is a extreamly large trailer. cappacity = 58995486592 and it will take all products even potatos, wood chip and even sugar beats.
not actual photo

By The-Gamer


Large Trailer, 1 photo

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uploaded by The-Gamer
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Comments (8)

2015-10-12 20:35:18 Me (Guest)
100% load only 42000L :(
2015-10-15 00:40:50 wiresurge
only 42000L
2015-10-22 01:52:15 Your Name (Guest)
for those of you who are complaining about the capacity of the trailer, here are some steps to increase the capacity. please note there is at least 2 .xml files, ignore the moddecs.xml BACKUP THE ORIGINAL .XML FILE!!! SO YOU DON'T STUFF IT UP!! this pc > documents > farming simulartor 2015 > mods 1. find the mod and open archive using winrar. 2.find the largest .xml file in the mod 3. open up the .xml file using notepad 4. crtl+f <capacity>42000</capacity> 5. change the capacity to whatever you desire 6. save changes and you're done.
2015-10-26 05:30:00 Your Name (Guest)
The fact that you can change the capacity is not the point. The uploader claimed huge capacity and apparently didn't even have the chops to check it on his own.
2015-12-05 00:19:47 rancher (Guest)
thnx guest
2016-01-02 10:32:25 gr4p3k1lla
Wont hook up to the MAN truck, well it does but it hooks up all weird and either it sits too close to the cab and it wont turn or it sits right but it pushes it down into the ground......
2016-07-03 16:36:22 harmen
try the kenworth 800 tri-axle
2016-07-30 20:11:19 Dave (Guest)
Lol have laugh at the numpty who edited the amount of this as if you did get it full what in the hecks going to pull it lol

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