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John Deere S690i Full Washable Pack v2

Rating: 4/5, based on 43 votes
uploaded 2017-01-28 02:00:06, by rolnik7245

*Fixed Washable(New dirt skin)
*Added opened the door
*Added Animated Joystick
*New Sounds
*Fixed Textur
*Added Cutter trailer
*Fixed Lights

Many works animactions
Full lights
Panel IC
Speedometer and tachometer
Dust, tire tracks
No Errors in Log

Package includes:
* John Deere S690i
* John Deere 640 FD
* John Deere Cutter trailer

- Keep my download link.

Déw250, Julian11, Siid, rolnik7245, Rafazr


John Deere S690i Full Washable Pack v2, 1 photoJohn Deere S690i Full Washable Pack v2, 2 photo

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uploaded by rolnik7245
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Comments (15)

2017-01-28 05:45:53 fs (Guest)
why uploaded, why??????????????
2017-01-28 10:39:14 JD_Power (Guest)
Very nice Mod. New sounds are good. Good Job :)
2017-01-28 14:11:28 no name (Guest)
The Pipe is too short for 13.7m The Pipe does not fold
2017-01-28 14:37:19 Realrevent
Cool !!!
2017-01-28 23:04:32 gerdlorenz
geht richtig gut top und der erste drescher den ich habe wo der neue auto cobine mod geht
2017-01-29 00:30:01 SergeantHop (Guest)
Would have downloaded if wasn't garbage.
2017-01-29 19:34:42 Rock_DPM
Can't tow anything but the header trailer, also the header is lifted too high where the last version was perfect. Also needs tera track
2017-01-30 20:01:56 Mps (Guest)
2017-01-30 20:19:44 fs17 (Guest)
Another great looking mod but you have to jump through hoops to DL it or wait for the 1990's DL speeds.
2017-01-31 07:38:13 ShangXiq (Guest)
Please fix broken download link. Uploaded = Broken
2017-01-31 12:14:40 Geht dich nichts an (Guest)
Guter Sound aber der Rest hmm sehe keine Veränderung zumal Display ohne Funktion. Nichts geht über claas! Getestet und gleich in die Tonne damit da wo die Marke John Deere auch hingehört!
2017-05-16 08:38:25 ZeljkoZeXx
Great mod , stupid upload site.
2017-06-28 14:33:05 Add Cotton? (Guest)
Can you add COTTON to this? How they doing this with this Mod?
2017-07-22 10:55:21 sticazzi (Guest)
2017-12-11 10:16:16 volkanerguner

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