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uploaded 2017-01-28 02:00:02, by qwares17

Barre de coupe caseih 3162 90ft
largeur de travail : 27.50m
vitesse de travail : 15 Km/h

100% fonctionnel sous fs17,log 100% sans erreur



CASEIH 3162 90FT BARRE DE COUPE 27.50m, 1 photoCASEIH 3162 90FT BARRE DE COUPE 27.50m, 2 photoCASEIH 3162 90FT BARRE DE COUPE 27.50m, 3 photo

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uploaded by qwares17
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Comments (10)

2017-01-28 04:11:31 CowbyBubba (Guest)
Finally a big combine header. Works awesome
2017-01-28 17:24:35 Postho (Guest)
Great for large fields, Worked with my large New Holland Harvester, Non rigid Transparant ends.
2017-01-29 00:50:41 mühl (Guest)
von der Mühl
2017-01-29 02:58:02 highdesert
From looking at the attacher plate, this is a stretched out 45 foot draper. Even the wheels are oval from the stretching. No problem there, but you forgot to consider the amount of product it will harvest. This harvests the same amount as my 45 foot, but removes twice the product area from the field. So that leaves you with half the yield by the time you finish?
2017-01-29 07:41:55 DarthCameron (Guest)
I checked on the original Sosnovka map with an original header and this one. Both new games to start and just did the initial field on normal. With the factory header I got 9775l and with this header I get 9807l on normal setting. I think you are still getting all your yield from the field but I'll check on a map with larger fields to make sure.
2017-01-30 22:32:00 Kobra60
The mod itself seems to work great. Am I the only one having trouble getting close enough to empty the combine tho? The ability to move through the header, closer to the combine is a must for me. Can someone tell me the code to change in the xml file to do this. I've tried a few things, but I'm no modder. Thank you! I am looking forward to using this if I can get the little change.
2017-02-26 22:57:58 (Guest)
achei um erro nesse mod quando esta colhendo do nada para de cortar o produto e não colhe se puder me mandar uma mensagem de como corrigir isso fico grato .
2017-03-05 17:15:14 Really? (Guest)
What a tard whoever made this. Why even play the game. Cheater in game = Cheater in RL.
2017-05-22 23:17:22 JASMAZ
Can you please update this mod so it goes faster? its too slow! it needs to go at least 25km/hr not 15
2017-08-18 17:27:27 Dont listen to losers like Really? (Guest)
Cause how can cheating in game equal being a cheater in real life. so if i were to cheat on a female in-game character, does that mean im a cheater in real life to? no it doesnt.

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