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Bobcat T/S 770 Edited

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uploaded 2017-09-29 01:00:00, by Guest

All I did was take off the strobe bar at the top because it's my second mod, so i'm starting off small. :)

Wood Meadow Farm


Bobcat T/S 770 Edited, 1 photoBobcat T/S 770 Edited, 2 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (5)

2017-09-29 23:11:51 Caleb (maker) (Guest)
Sorry about the 3rd person camera view. I will make a v 2.0, and it will be released on Sunday Oct. 1. It says i'm a guest, but i'm the editor. I just haven't signed in yet.
2017-09-30 15:21:20 Punkadylan (Guest)
Please don't edited Wood Meadow Farm mods
2017-09-30 15:44:33 Caleb (maker) (Guest)
Ok. I will just edit mods that are on the modhub and mods from my friends.
2017-09-30 18:20:07 dont stop (Guest)
u mod what u like as no one reads the small print if u use the GE editor the mod belongs to the as all mods are uploaded onto GE sever so if that want to they can use what they like in fs 19
2017-09-30 18:32:02 Caleb (maker) (Guest)
Listen, I will edit what ever mods I want.

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