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Cat 289C Escavator

Rating: 5/5, based on 20 votes
uploaded 2017-04-15 01:46:46, by winston9587

Cat 389C Escavator

Fixed and Reskined by winston9587


Cat 289C Escavator, 1 photo

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uploaded by winston9587
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Comments (18)

2017-04-15 04:33:25 jake (Guest)
This thing is awesome thank you. I modified the xml to get the cycle times and little closer as well as the bucket articulation if you want it. Only problem now is there is nothing that can haul it!
2017-04-15 08:38:11 jake (Guest)
I cant get it to load anything in the mining map (dirt, Stone) any ideas?
2017-04-15 08:45:18 ExperT (Guest)
Same here, won't fill with any materials.
2017-04-15 15:57:40 jake (Guest)
It will if you use a loader and put the material to pile. Works great then, but it wont load on the fill locations in mining. Ive tried pulling script from the volvo ex but im not experienced enough to make it work.
2017-04-15 16:12:36 ExperT (Guest)
lol to much work to use a loader then this. I have zero experience with modding at all or I'd give it a try. I'm sure someone will get it working soon enough, hopefully.
2017-04-15 16:20:22 jake (Guest)
Yeah i know. It an awesome mod, I wish we had more for mining. Hopefully it gets working soon
2017-04-16 16:54:31 winston9587
@ jake my low loader trailer is big enough to haul it and if you use the cat semi i did it should have the power to pull it.
2017-04-17 05:01:10 jake (Guest)
@winston yeah i just saw those. Works great. Any idea on the loading issue?
2017-04-19 06:08:34 Truth (Guest)
Its Excavator, learn to spell retard
2017-04-19 08:06:15 ANIK
Winston thanks much for your modding efforts and making these assets for us to use in our own games. Please ignore the piece of garbage Truth who commented above me. Losers like that dont speak for the rest of us
2017-04-20 00:25:02 Reed (Guest)
Can you mind
2017-04-21 12:22:36 Pucelus (Guest)
Is there a trailer to move it? Is too large and heavy for normal trailers
2017-04-22 22:11:32 apsdma (Guest)
has anyone figured out the loading issue yet?
2017-05-08 21:09:08 CDparker (Guest)
Is there a log fork that will fit this?
2017-05-08 23:11:53 jack (Guest)
make an nice guy trailer plz
2017-05-18 03:36:06 loads fine (Guest)
loads fine, change to a map that is built correctly for loading materials like this. works great for me with everything that you can dump anywhere, silage grass, stone, gravel, dirt, sand, if it's added to the map correctly, this works perfectly fine
2018-02-23 22:07:59 John (Guest)
I dont mean to be a dick, I like your mods.. I just wanted to know if you could change it to a 385 C, there was no 389
2018-04-30 05:39:28 Patrickduffyleg1 (Guest)

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