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CAT Backhoe 420F v 1.0

Rating: 3/5, based on 10 votes
uploaded 2018-04-25 19:15:25, by John Der33

This american cat backhoe made by Efran.  It be the privit but day du the relis las night an it good backhoe it run like rotorvator best backhoe den jcb trash.

Efren, jon baksh,,,,

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (7)

2018-04-25 21:19:44 james (Guest)
dont waste your time downloading its not even the real thing , nice try , its literally a cat ! like meow cat but i did get a good laugh lol
2018-04-25 22:49:00 albert (Guest)
Hay gente que mejor no ignorar, y uno es este individuo por llamarle algo
2018-04-26 02:16:58 f (Guest)
please link origanal
2018-04-26 12:09:45 Greesi (Guest)
Hallo der Download ist falsch. Leider kein Cat Bagger 420 sondern normale Hauskatze.
2018-04-26 17:11:08 Pal (Guest)
No hagas mods si no tienes ni idea. Dedicate a otra cosa
2018-05-09 03:56:13 Tyler neal (Guest)
This needs to be taken down. Enough is enough with taking other people’s work and putting it on these sites. Everyone knows that this mod was made by Adam Fredric. Thank goodness the person who posted this didn’t realize that it was just Adam messing with us and this wasn’t the actual backhoe because there is an actual backhoe and a lot of time and effort was put into it. For it to be put online with out the creators consent and under the name of someone who had nothing to do with its creation is just wrong.
2018-05-09 03:57:22 Tyler neal (Guest)
Sorry I spelled your name wrong Adam

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